Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011

Im FINALLY back!!!
I've been gone forever,
I know right?
Don't worry,
there's no even the slightest change in me...

same old same...

I'll have to explain why I've been gone for so long...
I was busy,
busy with tests,
busy with assignments,
busy to find internship placement,
luckily found one i really like :)
i admit,
Im so not motivated to blog :(

on the last day of 2011,
i have only 2 words to say...

Money is like water that will not stop to flow...
Why am i that poor?

1) Food
I love to eat,
food is like the best medicine on earth...
When u're stressed,
when u're hurt,
when u're angry,
just eat!
It'll cure every illness...

2) Transport fees
Bad thing about living in Cyberjaya?
The transport fees is horrible...
In my case,
I almost travel every week from Cyberjaya to KL,
seem like not that far right?
Trust me,
the fees will eat you up to soul!
I have to travel alot for these past few weeks,
as I had to attend interviews that are located in KL...

3) Tuition fees
Im in debt up to my eyeball...
All the IT fees, library fees, insurance blah blah are killing me...
why cant they just sponsor me?

4) Y.E.S
Blame it on the Year End Sales,
everything is like so cheap,
that i forgot how much i've spent...
CNY would be a good excuse for this huge expense,
but still here i am,

5) Presents
I know its bad to complain about this,
but seriously,
when it comes to year end...
i think i've spent most of my money for all the birthday people yo!
my birthday is coming soon too...
Im expecting something good ya,
as Im turning 21...
I mean still forever 18 :D

6) Concerts
As you know,
I've attended 2 concerts this year...
First, Eason Chan...
Next up Jacky Cheong...
I cant say its cheap,
but I don't regret it...
Especially Jacky Cheung's concert,
it worth every penny...

7) Pavilion
I go there regularly,
which might be one of the reason that Im broke...
I was just saying...
I don't really shop at there,
so it might not affect alot....

So all I want for New Year is....

And of course all the best to my family,
my friends,
not to forget myself :)

Happy 2012 everyone!

P/S: I need money so desperately!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Eason DUO Concert

Im here again...
Aren't I hardworking?
So this is what i owe u guys...
Should have updated it months ago...
its Eason DUO Concert! :D

The concert was held on 6th August at Stadium Merdeka...
its the first concert that i've ever been to...
I was really excited!!!

Eason Chan is one of the very few chinese singer that i actually admire,
i think he is one of the best mandarin singer!
His songs are really meaningful,
and he sings them with full emotions...
Love them TTM!

So i'll just stop the crap,
and let the pictures do the talking :)

My sis and i
The stage...
Wait till the dark...
Its eason, and i know its blur :(
Buh bye...

All in all,
the concert is super awesome!
Although i wish he could sing more of his famous songs,
instead of other singers' songs...
Even though he did forget some of the lyrics,
but it still cant stop me from loving his voice...

Last but not least,
a video recorded by my sister...
Sorry for not recording more,
we're not allowed to do so...

P/S: Eason is simply AWESOME!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Pretty Little Liars Season2 is SMOKING HOT?!

I've been spending all my days immerse myself in all sorts of tv series...
Here's one of my favourite...
Pretty Little Liars :)
U know,
pretty faces,
clueless mysteries,
and of course hot guys...

As the story goes,
its getting more and more interesting...
Let me tell u why Pretty Little Liars Season2 is smoking HOT!

#1 Jenna & Garret
Jenna and Garret is in a secret relationship for a long time...
With one of the cops by Jenna's side,
it will be a disaster for the pretty little liars...
It is obvious that both of them are hiding something,
something from the past,
and most probably something about Alison's death...
Jenna is getting her sight back...
Like what Hannah said,
"Jenna is scary enough with 4 senses,
can you imagine what she'll do to us if she has 5?"
Poor liars,
its better to watch out,
coz the b*tch is back!

#2 Romantic crisis of Aria & Ezra
The thing between Aria and Ezra is getting harder and complicated...
After discovering Ezra's ex fiance,
Aria almost ended the relationship...
However they seem to make it through afterwards...
Now here comes Alison's brother,
Jason who confesses his love to Aria...
And Aria might not know,
she is falling for Jason...
On the other side,
Ezra's ex fiance, Jackie is back!
And she would do anything to get Ezra back...
What a war!

#3 What is Jason trying to hide?
The biggest question of all!
Jason is definitely hiding something in his shed,
he is being overprotective over the shed,
no one is allowed to come near to it...
Spencer saw someone in Jason's house,
and Jason denied it,
which seem to be a complete lie...
On the other hand,
Jenna and Garret are worried if Jason will say it out...
What is that?
Jason cant even remember a thing about the last summer,
could he be the one who actually killed Alison,
and just lost all the memories?

#4 Hanna is in love and the guy is HOT!
Here comes our Queen Bee Hanna,
who just found her very true love...
The guy, Caleb is SUPER HOT!
To be frank,
i thought she would end up with Lucas...
Lucky for her,
she found Caleb who loves her as much as she does...
Although its sad that Caleb is moving away from Rosewood,
to find his biological mother,
I believe they will make it through :)

#5 Emily is being manipulated by A
Emily is having her darkest period...
Her parents want to do move to Texas,
while she would do anything to stay...
As a good friend of hers,
A did her a favor by sending her parents the fake letter from college swim scout...
Emily was drugged by A,
and might be kicked out of the swimming team...
A has the power of controlling Emily,
and now Emily has no choice but to break up with Samara...
Emily is going to break down,
sooner or later,
coz A enjoys tormenting our poor Emily...

#6 Hanna is getting a new sister and she is a bitch!
After all her efforts of getting matching her dad and her mom goes in vain,
Hanna tried to accept the fact that her dad is having a new family...
She tried to please her new sister, Kate,
but it turned the other way round...
Kate hates her and even intimidated her...
i could say Kate is a natural bitch!
She set Hanna up,
and humiliated her in public...
What's worse?
Hanna is being blamed for ruining her father's wedding,
and Kate gets all the compliments!

#7 Someone found out who A is
The girls finally told someone about what they are going through,
Dr Sullivan...
The therapist has been threaten by A,
and was stalked by A...
She was in danger,
i wonder if she knew about that...
she is smart enough to find out who is A!
She asked the girls to meet her at the office,
but when they got there,
she was disappeared!
I wonder why she didn't tell the girls who is A just on the phone?

#8 A is playing bold this time!
A is getting wild!
First A killed Ian,
and she drugged Emily...
She even went to Emily's house and deleted all the data's from her computer...
The worst case is that she even touched Emily all over her body,
while Emily thought she was being massaged by a massage girl...
Isn't that creepy?
A is always that close!
now Dr Sullivan is gone,
and who knows?
Maybe A had killed her!
The girls are now being caught by the police,
thanks to A...

#9 A is not alone?
Who is A?
The same old question that has been bothered us for so long!
Have u ever thought that A might not be just a single person,
but a team?
Like... Maybe Jenna and Garret?
or the N.A.T. club,
which stands for "Nos Animadvertus Totus"...
According to Spencer's phone,
it means "We see all"...
How creepy right?
Somehow i think A must be someone unexpected,
like maybe one of the girls?
Just a wild guess with no theory....

#10 Wren is back :D
Wren is always my favourite character,
and he falls for my favourite girl, Spencer as well :)
Wren is super hot!
A good looking doctor always melts me...
And his British accent,
oh gosh!
I really hope things will go right between him and Spencer this time...
Spencer deserves more than just Toby...
No offence,
Toby is hot,
but Wren is much hotter :D

I hope i didn't blab too much,
and do watch PPL!
Its nice!
Have a good day...

P/S: Im still here Bitches. And knows everything. -A.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I need a favor!

I know i've been MIA forever...
Sorry peeps!
Too many assignments and tests to handle for the past few months...
U can't imagine what i've gone through...

One lesson to learn everyone,
choose ur group members carefully when it comes to assignments...
U know it kills,
when u have some members who never ever contribute a shit...
Coz they onli dream and never do...
Yes, i mean u! ALIEN!

the final is over!!!!!!! :D
I swear im gonna update everything soon,
when im in the mood ok?

So now,
a pic of me,
in case u have forgotten how i look like :)

Same old same...
instead of updating about my life...
Im gonna ask for some favors here...
most of the people who are closed to me know that i have a big crush on this guy,
since i was primary school...
his name is So Ji Sub...
HOT right?
Its freaking hard to find someone who is his fans too...
Come on,
he is super duper HOT okay?

So back to the point,
i just found out that he is the spokeman for Giordano...
And im so regret that I didn't buy the Hug Me tee!
U see...
Damn it!
I should have bought it...
I know its abit too late lah...
I've went to all the Giordano store to look for it,
but... in vain...
So if anyone know where to find this tee,
please tell me...
I even went to find in taobao...
But im not sure if the tee is genuine...

I only accept white tee with the yellow smiley face...
Coz my idol onli wore that...
I know im crazy...

So that's all for today...
I'll be back soon :)

P/S: I really want this tshirt... Love So Ji Sub :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Concert maniac :)

Hey peeps!
Im busy like crazy recently...
There're going to be 3 lab tests for this week...
But instead of studying im here to update my blog,
im so gonna die in the tests...

the reason im here to blog is because,
something good happened...
Lazy to explain here,
but its juz good :)

im gonna tell u what im up to recently...

As what i have "showed off" in facebook,
im going to Eason Chan's concert!!!
And its on next week!!!
this is the first concert that I've ever attended...
Super anticipated!

Im going to Jackey Cheung's concert as well...
Its called the half century concert!
I've been listening to his songs since i was lil',
his my dad's idol ma...
This is going to be LEGEN...
Wait for it...

Of course these 2 tickets cost me a fortune,
so kindly click the advertisement for me...
I need money!!!

Last but not least,
listen to this song...
I know most of u don't like K-pop music,
but erm...
Try and listen to it,
see if its familiar...
Coz for me,
this song sounds alot like Beyonce's irreplaceable...
Even the lyrics...
its still a nice song :)

“How am I going to live without you?”
Don’t ask stupid questions
I know, men like you are only playing around
A man like you doesn’t make a single phone call
That man, but there are plenty of men waiting for me
I can hear the sound of his car already
Can you get out of my house now?
I couldn’t be like you at all

Hey, I’m a golden lady
What’s wrong with being poor?
I-I-I-I have to say it to make you understand
Hey, I’m a golden lady
My poor baby, take off-take off-take off
Now it’s time, I should get going

Hey, I will buy this house
I will buy this car
I’m this [kind of] woman
Hey! Will you be living for me?
Will I be that important?

You always left the keys in the basket in the hallway
And you’re always looking for them in vain
Don’t even think about hiding
I gave you clothes, so tell me you’ll take care of them when I leave
I just have to make it clear that you should leave
Can you go far away?
Now can I send you off, out my front door?
I couldn’t be like you at all

Hey, I’m a golden lady
What’s wrong with being poor?
I-I-I-I have to say it to make you understand
Hey, I’m a golden lady
My poor baby, take off-take off-take off
Now it’s time, I should get going

Hey, I will buy this house
I will buy this car
I’m this [kind of] woman
Hey! Will you be living for me?
Will I be that important?

Save it poor guy, pretending to be charming
I think your outdated clothes are so boring
How many times do I have to tell you
To not show up in front of me
Until I’ll finally make you understand?
Not now, don’t talk to me, let me go
For the last time, don’t say these beautiful words
This time, this time, you’re acting like a child
Did you get the notice? I’m so outraged
No, good bye!

Hey, I’m a golden lady
What’s wrong with being poor?
I-I-I-I have to say it to make you understand
Hey, I’m a golden lady
My poor baby, take off-take off-take off
Now it’s time, I should get going

Hey, I will buy this house
I will buy this car
I’m this [kind of] woman
Hey! Will you be living for me?
Will I be that important?

P/S: Gotta save some money already :(

Monday, July 18, 2011

CNBlue Fever

Hola Peeps!
Im finally back after weeks for being MIA...
Truely sorry,
i was busying with mid term tests...

i actually planned to update about Anthony Neely's Promo Tour,
here in my campus,
but uploading videos to youtube consumed lots of time!

So instead of writing about Anthony Neely,
i'd rather share my current obsession with you guys :)

No surprise rite?
My favourite Korean band...
Know what?
They are the spokesman for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :)

Im so gonna get myself one...
Enjoy their CF here :)

Gonna introduce them to you guys,
according to my preference...

my favourite is the leader + lead singer...
Jung Yong Hwa <3
I actually know the band through him,
coz u know he acted in a drama...

He is Jong Hyun...
Duno much about him,
but i know that he has a really nice voice,
specially suitable for acoustic performance...

The drummer...
Looks pretty darn cool when he plays with the beat!
he is Min Hyuk,
a few months younger than me...

The one who plays the bass,
Jung Shin!
The youngest in the band,
clearly younger than me ALOT!
Its not that i don't like him...
He is cute and funny,
but i still have some opinions,
regarding his hair...

the sequence also represents their age,
in a descending order :)

I hops you guys enjoy their songs...
Really love them...
And im totally exhausted now,
its better to sleep already...

P/S: Lovin' Jung Yong Hwa! :D

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Awesome Weekend of June Part II

Hola peeps!
Im finally back to blog again :)
There are many things happening in my awesome life,
but my blog is way too far behind...
Gonna update it ASAP yea :)

Based on the photo...
Can u guess where i was?
it was pavilion...
Right before me and my sister went for a movie,
we stopped by a nicely decorated booth...

As u can see,
its called Shimino,
a shop selling Japenese crepes :)

My sis was super excited!
And she chose her favourite chocolate banana flavour...

I just tumpang makan...

She's totally satisfied

So this is how the crepes looks inside :)

I haven't tell u about the movie we watched right?
Its Henry's Crime!

Before we bought the ticket,
we actually read some reviews about the movie,
mostly negative...
But we were like what the hell,
u guys even said Super 8 is Super NICE!!!
its Keanu Reeves!
How bad could it be right?

we should have took the advices...
The story was boring, ridiculous, and kinda lame...
Keanu Reeves looks like a complete dumbass!!!
This movie PHAILed!
Add on here,
Super 8 is still worse...

I'll just make it short,
there was a Super Heroes Exhibition in Pavilion...
we just went there to take some photos...

Green Lantern & Me
By the way,
Green Lantern is lame too...
There's no nice movie recently,
the best for so far is X Men :)

Kakak vs Superman :D
Batman & Me :)

Not to say i spent alot again...
And i bought 2 clothes in NICHII!
U just have to go crazy :)

I'll be seeing u soon!

P/S: No money lahhhhhhhh!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Awesome weekend of June Part I

This is a story about how i become a beggar...
im so damn broke now!

As u may know,
i have taken a long long break and just staying in Kaybee...
And now,
im broke,
coz i will not receive my allowance for new sem...
I don't wanna say much about that,
but please pray for me,
im gonna fight for it!

back to the topic!
The good thing is my sister stays in KL,
she works here literally...
So i kinda found my a company for movie and shopping :)

1st week of my new sem,
i went to stay at my sis' apartment,
and we went our for shopping and movies...
1st stop,
I love the watson inside of it,
its HUGE,
and filled with lots of products...
Spent alot there for mask and hair products!

we walked to Pavilion!
U will be surprised of how near it is!
First thing to do in Pavilion was to watch a movie,
our selection?
Super 8...

My comment?
One of the lamest movie i've ever watched! :(

After that,
we were famished,
and since my sister insisted to treat me a meal...
Ok lah,
we headed to Dragon-i...
According to my sister,
it is very expensive!
she was right...
Here's what we ordered...
Fried Rice!
Pretty delicious actually...
Xiao Long Bao...
Mouthful of soup!
Thumbs up!!!
Steam rice with meat and egg!

everything was delicious,
especially the xiao long bao!
Love it!
For dessert,
we ordered 西米露!
Satisfied again! :)

This is seriously tasty!
We were really fulled,
but seriously,
this meal costed my sister a fortune...
Thank you anyway...
After that,
we walked to Time Square for shopping...
Bought some clothes :)
And we decided to go for another movie...
X Men First Class!!!

This is a freaking nice movie u know!!!
So much better than the Super Lame!!!
And it makes me wanna watch all the X Men series,
but too bad,
my connection here doesn't allow me to do that...

this is basically the 1st part of my awesome weekend...
Will update u soon :)

P/S: If u were kind enough, please help me to click advertisement, im having the biggest financial crisis ever!