Tuesday, April 28, 2009

C h i l d h o o d D r e a m s v s R e a l i t y

When i was in primary school,
students are given a card to write down their 3 ambitions.
For the whole 6 years,
i was persisted to become a doctor (Neurologist),
but it turns out that i wasn't persevere enough.
After watching the TVB drama "Healing Hands",
i felt that i would not be capable to become a good doctor,
so i changed my ambition to become a dentist.
U know, dealing with teeth is really a safer job.
At least i would not have to worry about killing people unintentionally,
maybe i would draw the wrong teeth for my patient,
but it's okay coz i'll try to avoid it. haha.
I had a lot of dreams,
like being into a bomb disposal squad,
its a very cool job (i really do think so),
when i told my family,
they said i was insane.
i wanted to become a geneticist too.
Its a interesting job,
i like to study about gene and i did well in this chapter during bio exams.
The problem is i was told that geneticist can't survive in Malaysia.
That's sad!
During form4,
i was addicted to "Prison Break" (im still addicting...HAHA!).
The hero, Michael Scofield is a civil engineer.
I was amazed by the Taj Mahal replica he did for Warden Henry Pope,
and that's why i wanted to be a civil engineer.
Again, I was told that the job isn't suitable for girls.
i have made up my mind to become a network security specialist,
or maybe something else related to IT.
Im interested in all these computer things,
though im not good in it,
and i love the fame of network security specialist (sounds great, huh?).
the dream was broken coz my mom wishes me to become a doctor or dentist.
Dreams vs Reality,
which one should i choose?
I really hope for the JPA scholarship so that i can get to study what i really wan.
For this moment,
i dream to become a IT specialist and a novelist as well.
I love writing,
i mean in chinese form,
I wish to become a novelist like Hiyawu someday.
i guess i'll just stop here,
so wish me good luck in everything.
I don't really want to get back to the dull and boring form6 school life.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

B l a c k T e a r s

What do I need to do
To be able to live as I am,
without dressing myself up?
I can't even believe in myself,
so what should I believe in?
Is it the hardest thing in the world
To live without dressing oneself up?
Even if I cry black tears and scream
Tomorrow will come with an unfamiliar face
And I’ll come up against the same pain

Thats the lyrics of the song u're listening from my blog...
I guess livin' in this world,
we just have to learn to dress-up ourselves,
pretending, lying bla bla bla...
I hate that!
I hate FAKER!
I hate people who would lie just in order to get into the limelight...
Lying that they are the one who discover something interesting 1st
(e.g.Hiyawu, some hot guys, etc...),
pretending that they are way so innocent.
W H A T T H E H E C K !
My motto of life is "Be the true u, u are unique bcoz of who u are."
Take off your masks,
show the world ur true feelings!
Don't u think pretending is invariably tiring?
Stop torturing urself,
nobody deserves all that sufferings...
No doubt,
tact is a survivng skill...
if a not-very-good-looking people ask u
Faker:"Sure! Why not?"
Tactful people:"You're actually smart..."
See the difference?
We should be tactful so that we won't hurt anyone,
but not lying,
coz lies kill...
Why am i saying these?
Probably just to heal my all-time psychological imbalance...

P/S: U know im saying U, xoxo...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

H i ! ♥ B I A T C H ♥

Hi there...
Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.
Our Miss Blair's classic quote,
which is also my favourite one...
U know why i love Blair instead of Serena?
Blair is straight-forward,
she hurts people but dare to admit it...
Unlike Serena who looks soft-hearted bla bla bla,
i dun like her,
she always insists that she made the right choice,
but she is absolutely wrong...
For me,
she is just a promiscuous girl...
So, what a biatch is?
I'm a controversial person with 2 personalities: Nice and Naughty...
I could be tender & under controlled,
but not if i was infuriated...
I could be crazy just like a biatch!
yea... as cool as a biatch!
Hey, u know what?
I hate people that always regard themselves as infallible...
None of us is infallible so just admit your weakness...
Oh please stop blaming your fault to others,
you're just acting like a biatch,
but the uncool type...
I love Lil Wayne's song "I'm me"

Bitch, I'm me...So who u?
You're not me...
And i know that ain't fair,
but i don't care...
I'm the motherf*cking cash money millionaire...
Look, I'm cool & i'm contented with my personality...
I did good in my studies and I'm well-behaved...
Whatever education & ethic thing,
i had it all...
Im not ill-behaved, trust me!
At least i wasn't kicked out from school...
I guess that's all...
I'm afraid some portion of people is going to back-stab me again...

U know u love me,
XOXO, biatch Rynx =)

Friday, April 24, 2009

I ' m R y n x - t h e s h o p a h o l i c = )

I don't know why i am doing this...
If i wasn't wrong this is my 3rd public blog,
I guess i am bored!
Well, I am Rynx... who also known as ultraGal...
I'm still ultraGal for sure, but i think Rynx is a more normal name...
The name of ultraGal is tiring,
i have to explain why why & why for thousands time...
Yes, its bcoz of a guy who i was secretly in love...
He looks totally like ultraman, that's why...
So wat about Rynx?
It sounds strange too...
Have u ever learnt the words "Pharynx" and "Larynx" from bio classes?
when i first saw these words, i feel that R-Y-N-X is a real good combination...
It can be a nice name, short n unique...
I'm an Aquarius, always fulled of weird idea, haha!
Oh my god!
I talked load of crap!
Let's talk about today...
I went to Billion with my mom & my aunt...
My aunt win a voucher worth rm300 at Billion...
U know wat?
We spent it all!
Buying numerous clothes, shoes, bags bla bla bla...
We are shopaholics!
After Billion, we go mall again...
We depart from home at about 2pm but we reach home at about 8:30pm...
I'm totally impressed by myself...
Thats me, Rynx-the shopaholic =)