Sunday, April 26, 2009

B l a c k T e a r s

What do I need to do
To be able to live as I am,
without dressing myself up?
I can't even believe in myself,
so what should I believe in?
Is it the hardest thing in the world
To live without dressing oneself up?
Even if I cry black tears and scream
Tomorrow will come with an unfamiliar face
And I’ll come up against the same pain

Thats the lyrics of the song u're listening from my blog...
I guess livin' in this world,
we just have to learn to dress-up ourselves,
pretending, lying bla bla bla...
I hate that!
I hate FAKER!
I hate people who would lie just in order to get into the limelight...
Lying that they are the one who discover something interesting 1st
(e.g.Hiyawu, some hot guys, etc...),
pretending that they are way so innocent.
W H A T T H E H E C K !
My motto of life is "Be the true u, u are unique bcoz of who u are."
Take off your masks,
show the world ur true feelings!
Don't u think pretending is invariably tiring?
Stop torturing urself,
nobody deserves all that sufferings...
No doubt,
tact is a survivng skill...
if a not-very-good-looking people ask u
Faker:"Sure! Why not?"
Tactful people:"You're actually smart..."
See the difference?
We should be tactful so that we won't hurt anyone,
but not lying,
coz lies kill...
Why am i saying these?
Probably just to heal my all-time psychological imbalance...

P/S: U know im saying U, xoxo...

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