Tuesday, April 28, 2009

C h i l d h o o d D r e a m s v s R e a l i t y

When i was in primary school,
students are given a card to write down their 3 ambitions.
For the whole 6 years,
i was persisted to become a doctor (Neurologist),
but it turns out that i wasn't persevere enough.
After watching the TVB drama "Healing Hands",
i felt that i would not be capable to become a good doctor,
so i changed my ambition to become a dentist.
U know, dealing with teeth is really a safer job.
At least i would not have to worry about killing people unintentionally,
maybe i would draw the wrong teeth for my patient,
but it's okay coz i'll try to avoid it. haha.
I had a lot of dreams,
like being into a bomb disposal squad,
its a very cool job (i really do think so),
when i told my family,
they said i was insane.
i wanted to become a geneticist too.
Its a interesting job,
i like to study about gene and i did well in this chapter during bio exams.
The problem is i was told that geneticist can't survive in Malaysia.
That's sad!
During form4,
i was addicted to "Prison Break" (im still addicting...HAHA!).
The hero, Michael Scofield is a civil engineer.
I was amazed by the Taj Mahal replica he did for Warden Henry Pope,
and that's why i wanted to be a civil engineer.
Again, I was told that the job isn't suitable for girls.
i have made up my mind to become a network security specialist,
or maybe something else related to IT.
Im interested in all these computer things,
though im not good in it,
and i love the fame of network security specialist (sounds great, huh?).
the dream was broken coz my mom wishes me to become a doctor or dentist.
Dreams vs Reality,
which one should i choose?
I really hope for the JPA scholarship so that i can get to study what i really wan.
For this moment,
i dream to become a IT specialist and a novelist as well.
I love writing,
i mean in chinese form,
I wish to become a novelist like Hiyawu someday.
i guess i'll just stop here,
so wish me good luck in everything.
I don't really want to get back to the dull and boring form6 school life.

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