Wednesday, May 20, 2009

D U L L ♥ L I F E

Zuhao was just asking why didn't I update my blog...
My answer was nothing happened in my life!
Can u believe that?
the stupid JPA letter hasn't arrive!
I'm going to be crazy...
Till now,
i don't even know where & when am i leaving here...
I just completed my new blogskin (as what you see now) yesterday,
the main theme is THE VERONICAS!
They rock!!!
Im so in love with their songs currenly...
I showed my new blogskin to yingying,
and she asked me why don't I post it to the web and let people to download it...
I really don't think i did a great job though...

i tried to do a new blogskin again today...
The main theme is Gossip Girl (Serena+Blair)...
Guess what?
I received some comments only after a couple hours...

★E said:
(4 hours ago)
do more with the css, and blend the image more?

sweet&sour&me said:
(3 hours ago)
luv the img.

Deathcab★ said:
(3 hours ago)
The image is really good, you just need to work on blending it with the background.

xxreenexx said:
(2 hours ago)
lov the image too

I'm really glad to see those comments...
coz this blogskin is totally edited by myself,
though it isn't the best...
But these comments really do give me some encouragements...

Other Info about the skin:
Lifetime rating of 5.00 stars
Downloaded 6 times so far
2 downloads from unique logged-in users
Skin type is Blogger Main (BM)
2 people consider this skin a favorite

Let's take a look at my blog skin...

Isn't bad huh?
U're welcome to set it as ur current layout too... LOL!

P/S: For more information, please log on to *wink*

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