Monday, May 11, 2009

Early blog

About 5am,
i closed my eyes ...
and then the alarm rings,
its 6.30am,
i was awake.
After the morning ablution,
i departed to school to meet my friends,
Chaihong, Beh, Kueiping, Jiawen, Rebecca & Elaine.
Its always good to be with friends,
coz they made me talkative...
Jiawen said i didn't change at all,
still very talkative...
i know! LOL!
All of my friends think that my hair is cool,
very yeng! (cantonese)
huhu~ good!
Actually i feel bad as i cant go back 2 form 6 with them...
but i really don't wanna give up my IT dream.
I realised that im going to leave my friends behind...
trust me!
I wont forget u all,
please don't doubt my loyalness to u all...
I ordered teh o beng + chicken rice at the hawker stall,
the chicken rice reli doesn't taste good...
stop complaining as it just worth RM2.00.
I talked alot with Chaihong & Beh,
and i gave everyone my photos,
coz they wont have chance to see my bob-look anymore...
Guess what?
I saw a slut and someone,
u know that, right?
Is that fate?
Damn it,
i really don't feel like wanna meet them...


im craping again...
I'm suffering from stomachache start from the moment i woke up,
but after eating,
it became more & more serious...
I don't have any idea,
maybe its gastric,
but strange,
it didn't seem like gastric at all...
I guess its because i didn't have enough sleep,
such an abnormal person!
I thought i was the invincible ultraGal,
but i got sick too!
My mom is so worry about me,
coz i'm going to live by my own sooner or later...
I gotta go now,
kind of sleepy...
This is the first time i write blog in the early morning....

P/S: Dear friends, i really hate to part with u all... I hope that we could be together forever =)

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