Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Survivor Malaysia Season 1

Previously on Survivor Malaysia...
A team of six
Zuhao - Fashion icon
Ying - Emo icon
Chaihong - Colourful icon
Kueiping - Funny icon
Lilian - Cheerful icon
Ultra - Crazy icon
was brought to the Island Sri Tujuh,
which is now an exile island to begin their journey of survivor.
With only some food, cameras and handphones,
they need to survive in the isolated island for a couple of hours...
Oh ya, they had two umbrellas and a ball as well...
They spent their hours for eating, photo-taking, beach-balling and craping...
The colourful beach ball was then flown away with the sea,
which made all of them down as the ball costed RM1.90!
the game became tougher when they discover that
there was no water under the merciless hot sun!
Although the condition was unbearable,
our contestants were determined to continue the game.
Most of them were suffering of sun burnt,
but they were still capable to make their way to the beautiful lake around the island.
We were sorry to say that there will be no photos for this post.
who will be the survivor of island Sri Tujuh?
Stay tune for the next episode to find out more with juicy photos...

P/S: Thanks my friends, for completing my life...

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