Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Christmas with Gulliver

Its the end of 2010 people!
So i better blog about my x'mas before it turns 2011, right?

i don't have an actual celebration on that particular day,
coz my sis reached here by x'mas...
our celebration took place a day after...
And our destination was TimeSquare,
yes again!

Some photos were taken here...
Not a very nice photo...
My sista :)

Me again!
I din receive any x'mas present... too bad!

We were famished after travelling all the way from cyberjaya to there,
so we had our lunch at Room 18,
a very nice Hong Kong style restaurant,
their food is quite delicious...

My sister's meal...
This is mine :D
The wantan is freaking amazing!

After having lunch,
we watched a movie...
Its a routine,
if u hung up with my sis,
she just love to watch movie,
idk why...

We were actually struggling what to watch a day before,
coz it seems like there's no any interesting movie to watch...
Tron Legacy?
Hmmm... I don't understand a thing from its trailer!
Little Fockers?
It didn't attract me alot...
our final decision was Gulliver's Travel!

I bet most of you know the storyline, right?
A guy traveled to an island fulled with tiny people,
and so he's the most mighty and respectable person there...
I would say this is a funny movie,
a comedy that can enlighten your day,
but its not the best...

What makes me choose this movie?
The storyline,
and Jason Segel...
If you don't know him,
please check out How I Met Your Mother,
he's Marshall!!!
I would rate this movie as 3.5 stars out of 5...

After that,
we went to Bukit Bintang area,
had a brief walk,
and settled my sister's thingy...
she already went to Taiwan for 2011...
Why is she so rich?

i hope she will enjoy her trip,
and buy me something nice...
Shall end my post now,
freaking busy :P

P/S: I hope everything is going to be okay...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FML Post

Hola people!
X'mas is just over,
and the hell life is officially begin!
I've been resentful to life recently,
u know,
tough life i got here...

If u had realised,
i've changed my font to verdana,
i find it clearer and neater than Trebuchet :)

This ain't gonna be a long post,
im here to share some songs that i love to listen when im in a really bad mood...
I would call it the F*ck Playlist...

Song #1 Cee Lo-F*ck you

One of my favourite song,
but not with this title...
I prefer the title with forget you,
its alot more meaningful right?
Although there's pain in my chest,
I still wish u the best,
with a F*CK YOU!

Song #2 Lily Allen-F*ck you

This song can actually make me feel happy,
the lyrics is meaningful,
and the rhythm is lively...
And Lily Allen sings it so darn well!!!
F*ck you,
F*ck you very very much...
Coz we hate what you do,
and we hate your whole crew,
so please don't stay in touch!

Song #3 Eamon-F*ck it

It also known as I don't want you back,
obviously written for his ex girlfriend...
This song has been in my playlist for years,
helps me to release anger in several occasions...
F*ck you you ho,
i don't want you back!

Song #4 Frankee-F*ck you right back

This song is interesting,
its kinda like a reply for the previous song...
F*ck what i did was your fault somehow,
F*ck all the crying it didn't mean jack,
Well guess what yo, F*ck you right back!

Song #5 Eminem-I still don't give a F*ck

Eminem is one my favourite rapper,
he got this attitude,
which i really love...
He's like WHO CARES?
This song has this strong beat,
that matches with my very very bad mood...
To all the people I've offended - yeah fuck you too!
To all the friends I used to have - yo I miss my past
But the rest of you assholes can KISS MY ASS!

I apologize if anyone found this post offensive,
its kinda my way to get rid off stress...
no harm listening to these music,
If you had great stress as i do now,
try them out!
I totally appreciate them! :)

Goodnite Peeps!
Its gonna be the toughest 3 weeks ever!

P/S: No one wants your opinion... F*ck you very very much, please don't stay in touch!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

X'mas Thoughts

I finally finished the toughest exam on the earth!
And Hooray coz X'mas is coming soon!!!
i admit that i don't actually celebrate it...
X'mas is just a holiday for me,
a day for me to get rest,
or maybe hang out with friends...

First thing about X'mas,
i don't believe in Santa Claus,
i mean i never did...
I just knew he wont exist in my room and put present in my sock...
Maybe its because im not a Christian,
or maybe i think Santa is a foreigner,
he won't appear in Malaysia...
i will be glad to get present on X'mas!
U guys pandai-pandai lah :D

What i love about X'mas is,
Great food!!!
Its a festival what,
people sure eat nice food :)
Even though i am not a Christian,
but i will also reward myself with nice food on this day :)

This is delicious!

I love to eat!!!
X'mas tree is undeniably nice!
And i love all the decorations for X'mas...
It makes me feel refreshing and relaxing :)
i love those bells hanging on the X'mas tree~

another symbol of X'mas...
i have no special feelings on it,
simply think it is cute :)

On this festive season,
i only wish to have someone by my side...
By someone,
i mean family!
or maybe friends!
Tonnes of friends!!!
Back to reality,
this X'mas is going to be nothing,
but the good news is that my sister is coming :)
At least i wont be alone, right?

XOXO... Merry X'mas!

P/S: I just learnt a Japanese X'mas song :D

Friday, December 17, 2010

Anthony Neely ♥ 倪安東

Hey, peeps!
Im here to introduce u to this hot guy...

His name is Anthony Neely,

or better known as 倪安東...
He's just gorgeous!

I came to know him through my sister,
when she showed me his MV...

i wasn't impressed by him for the first time...
Until one day,

someone posted his MV again in facebook...

Since i was bored,
i streamed the video and started to realise he is a really good singer!

here are some of his details...
Name: Anthony Neely
Chinese Name: Ni Andong (倪安東 / 倪安东)
Birthplace: California, United States
Birthday: May 20, 1986 S
tar Sign: Taurus
Height: 178cm
Weight: 78kg
School: University of California, San Diego

Love him!
He is actually half American and half Taiwanese,
and he was famous as a PK contestant of One Million Star(星光大道)...
Its pretty easy for him to get attention from the publc i guess,

coz he has this amazing voice,
and he is pretty good looking!

For his fans out there,

i just watched his appearance on my favourite show 康熙來了,
and he mentioned some requirements in choosing his girlfriend...
Let's see if u're qualified...
Of course,

im gonna check for myself :)

#1 Petite check!
He likes gals with petite size,
wonder why...
Maybe he's a macho man?

That's a good news for me anyway,

Im absolutely a petite!

#2 Strong personality
I bet people who know me realise that i have a strong personality...
gals with strong personality is actually hard to be tamed...
I really hope he's not a macho man,
or else he and his gf will definitely end up with endless wars...

#3 Stone cold fox
*half check*
I don't think i really fulfill this requirement,
coz im not pretty enough...
But im kinda cool in some way,
Im stone cold,
but not a fox :D
He's cute!
#4 Aura of elegance
Too bad!
Im not even close to this one...
But i guess its normal for guys to like elegant gal right?
I mean who the hell on this earth doesn't like elegant gal,
of course not those who pretend to be one...

#5 Filial Piety
Anthony likes gal who shows filial obedience,
bet its because those gals love their family,
and so when they get married,
she will love their family as well...
Deep thought!

#6 Can sing check!
What a requirement...
I bet he will end up getting along with some singer...
A gf who can sing,
what's the poin?
Its okay,
i actually can sing,
maybe not AWESOME lah...
But i think still qualify :)

I think im qualified to compete as his next gf right?
4 and a half out of 6...
Pretty awesome!
I'll just share some of his songs here,
do check it out...
U wont be sorry :D


Sorry that i loved you

Oh ya,
please do check out his official website as well :)

P/S: There's something powerful in his voice, which is something i look for in singers...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Due Date ROFL Movie Review

i just watched "Due Date" yesterday...
It was a f*cking hilarious movie,
starring by Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis...

Robert Downey is f*cking HOT!!!
And he kind of look like Johnny Depp,
who is also my ideal husband...
Awwww! He's smoking HOT!
For all the big fans of comedy,
i would recommend u to watch this movie...
Its hilarious all the time,
i mean non-stop!
I would rate this as 4.5 over 5 stars,
because its really LAUGH DIE ME!!!

So people,
here comes the storyline...
Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) must get to LA in five days to be at the birth of his firstborn. He is about to fly home from Atlanta when his luggage and wallet are sent to LA without him, and he is put on the "no-fly" list. Desperate to get home Peter is forced to accept the offer of Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis) to hitch a ride with him cross-country. Peter is about to go on the most terrifying and agonizing journey of his life.

the journey was like a f*cking nightmare to Peter Highman...
My advice would be,
i'll give u some reasons right now...

#1 He has a dog
this dog is Sonny,
Ethan's BFF...
Its kinda pervertic,
just like its owner...
Im not going to reveal this part,
just go and watch it,
check out how pervertic they are...

#2 His father was in a coffee can
Ethan actually put his dad's ashes in a coffee can,
and he claimed that it was vacuum sealed...
Imagine what would happen?
And his last word to his date was,
Dad... You were like a father to me...

#3 Deep sleeper
He is also a deep sleeper,
who can sleep in any minute...
The consequence?
U can check it out on Peter and Sonny...
Consequence of travelling with a deep sleeper...
#4 Allergic to... Waffles
First time ever for me to see someone who is allergic to Waffles...
The point is,
he still eats Waffles...
He only mentioned about the allergy when he almost finished everything...
#5 Talkative
He never stop talking...
I'll put some of his quotes here...
Ethan Tremblay: What age did you lose your virginity?
Peter Highman: I'm not gonna discuss that with you.
Ethan Tremblay: I was nine years old.
Peter Highman: [dryly] Boy!
Ethan Tremblay: Great gal. Great gal. Sheila Pimples.
Peter Highman: I'm kinda getting a headache and it's not because of you, it's just I'm under a lot of pressure.

#6 His name
Ethan Tremblay is actually his f*cking stage name,
his real name is Ethan Chase...
But he keeps saying that Ethan Chase doesn't sound like an actor...
In order to commit to his new name,
he even asked Peter's wife to transfer money to Ethan Tremblay...
I bet u know what happened next...
The Western Union officer refused to give them money...
#7 Totally ridiculous
He is the most ridiculously funny guy i've ever seen...
He insisted to have his f*cking shades on,
even though it was already night!
Btw, he has glycoma...
they ended up to become close friends :)
U should really check out their official website...
Its awesome...
Ethan claimed that he's the owner the fans website of Two and a half Men...
Guess what?
That site is actually existed!

Im sorry for all the f*cking words...
Oops! i said it again...
Ethan is a guy that make u cant stop saying that particular words...
I shall continue with my study now,
hope u guys enjoy my post :)

P/S: Sorry for all the f*cking words, quoted from the movie :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

10 reasons why you should get TANGLED up!

Hola Peeps!
Sorry for the late update...
here it comes 10 reasons why u should watch TANGLED!
For those who have watched it,
i bet u will agree with me,
and for those who havent,
im gonna give u 10 reasons to watch it :)

#1 Funniest Fairy Tale
its obviously the funniest fairy tale of Disney...
I kept on laughing when i was watching this movie...

Its hilarious,
especially the hero, Flynn Rider...
He is kinda like over confident...

Mother Gothel is also a very funny character here,

eventhough she is an antagonist,

They just cant get my nose right!
Gothel: I see a strong, confident young lady...
Oh! U're here too!

#2 Most Romantic Fairy Tale

its like the most romantic fairy tale ever...
Unlike all those classic fairy tale,

where the princesses attract prince with their amazing voice...

Love at first sight,

true love kiss and live happily ever after...
Tangled is way different than that,

they came to know each other,

been through alot,
and i guess true love tear,
finally live happily ever after =D
#3 Amazing Singers
All these lovely characters are given life by amazing singers...

Mandy Moore plays Rapunzel,
Zachary Levi plays Flynn Rider,
Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel,
and Brad Garrett as Hook Hand Thug...
They surprised me with their awesome voice,
And the songs are so nice...
They make Tangled alive...

Flynn & Rapunzel :)
Mother Gothel!
Hook Hand Thug...
#4 Perfect Long Hair
Disney definitely did a great job on Rapunzel's hair...

Long yet shiny,
gold and smooth...
I bet every girl loves her hair...

Rapunzel's hair actually looks darn real,
i think it deserve a round of applause :)

Long yet powerful hair...Mother Gothel loves her magical hair...
#5 Maximus and Pascal
Maximus-the horse and Pascal-the chameleon are also my favourite character!

Maximus always make me laugh with its hilarious action,
it cant stop fighting with Flynn,

and it can sniff like a dog...

Pascal is really really cute...
Its like Rapunzel's one and only friend...
The funny thing is Flynn and Maximus both listen to its command...

Pascal the chameleon!
Giving command again...
#6 Facial Expressions
I bet Tangled is the one with the most facial expressions,
i mean among disney cartoons...
U can see alot of funny looks on those characters,

very vivid,
which makes the movie AWESOME!
Hi :D
#7 Trailers
Even their trailers are so well edited!

I admit at first i really don't feel like watching Tangled,
coz im not a big fans of cartoons,
and i think its a waste to watch cartoons in cinema...
But after watching the trailers,
i had a slight change of mind...
And after finishing the movie,

#8 All-in-one movie
Its kinda like a all-in-one movie,
comedy blah blah blah...

U can find all the elements in TANGLED!

Fabulous, right?
Adventure + Romance...

#9 Frying Pan
The most special weapon ever,

owned by Rapunzel...
Its like her second weapon,
other than her powerful hair...
Flynn soon discovered the power of the frying pan too...
In short,
this frying pan help them through their incredible adventure :)

Rapunzel with her secret weapon :)
Flynn: Oh Mama! Im gonna get me one of this!

#10 Blondee + Handsome
Its a love story between a blondee and a handsome guy,

oh come on!
What else do u want?
For me,

Flynn Rider is the most handsome Prince of all!!!
Most of all,

his personality attracts me alot!!!
Rapunzel is cute too :)
Perfect couple :)

U still have other reasons to share?
Feel free to drop a comment...
Im gonna stop here,

P/S: Im so gonna watch it in 3D!