Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1st TTDBLM is done =)

TTDBLM is an acronym of Things To Do Before Leaving Melaka...

2 more weeks left,
to accomplish my TTDBLM...
Oh no~!
I can't imagine the life in Cyberjaya,
it's going to be disasterous...
I bet i'm gonna miss Melaka so damn badly,
could i just stay?

Fine fine...
The weather in Melaka is getting more and more unpredictable,
the last second was an unbearable sunny day,
and the next second,
Oh yea,
it rains like it would never stopped!
On saturday,
me, CC, ATM & Big XiaoWei walked to corner from dahlia...
It was really tiring...
After finishing eating,
it started to drizzle...
And then it got worse and WORST!
U can't even walk back home,
coz its like a rainstorm that could blow u away...

We waited like 2 hours,
and we decided not to wait anymore...
So we ran off to 7-eleven to borrow the shelter?
It was lucky that Big XiaoWei's friend came to fetch us back...
Although it wasn't in my list,
but i consider running in the rain is one of the TTDBLM...
the first one is done =)

the water supply of our unit was being cut...
I really don't wanna mention it anymore,
its like a nightmare...
its all over,
luckily :)

I had 8am class as usual today...
4 hours in the same classroom CLC2001...
I bet im gonna miss CLC room so much,
just cam whore like i could never do that again...
Here are the outcomes =)

Long time din cam whore with her :)
Prefer this one =D
take one...
take two ^^
My eyes look bigger, right?
My favourite of the day!!!
Eyelashes just make me look better...

P/S: Looking forward for tomorrow's TTDBLM =)

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