Saturday, May 29, 2010

4 of us

As you all know,
im now having my 2 weeks holidays in Kaybee...
And after that,
im gonna say Halo to Cyberjaya...
the great thing about this holiday is that i could meet up with my sister and cousins...
It's been ages we didn't meet up together...

the only entertainment in my hometown is yumcha...
How i wish there'll be a cinema here :)
Since that's just a dream that will never come true,
so 4 of us just went yumcha almost every night...

Some pitcha to share here =)
Location: Golden Bean
Hoon . Me
Hoon . Min
Mei . Jun
Min . Jun
Location: Noodle Station
Hoon . Jun

Me and my sister

We are planning to go KL on this monday,
since there is no entertainment in our hometown,
i guess that's the best way to have fun...

I'm gonna stop here :)

P/S: I'm so addicted to TVB dramas right now!!!

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