Wednesday, May 5, 2010


What the hell am i doing right now?
I should be on the bed now...
In fact,
i've been lying on my bed since 2 hours ago,
tossed and turned but never fall asleep...
Couple hours from now,
i'll be having my speaking test...
I'm freaking out now!
I admit that im really nervous,
but the worst part is that im going to be very listless during the test...
It's almost 3 now!
And im still sitting in front of my lappie,
doing nothing!
I cant sleep!
This insomnia has been troubling me for days,
and it kills me now!
Oh god!!!
Please help me!!!
I really don't wanna fail my exam...
I just want to sleep,
why is it so hard?

I know im gonna screw things up tomorrow...
Im pretty sure,
with insufficient sleep...
I don't think i could concentrate in the test,
i bet i can barely think of points...
The weather is freaking hot!
Maybe that's the reason i cant sleep well?
Headache is revolving again~~

I used to be a night owl,
but i've changed the moment i came to MMU...
Not today, k?
I need to sleep...

P/S: I need much much much LUCK for my speaking test!!!

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