Thursday, June 17, 2010

FML! Nerd to the MAX!

Cam whored in campus' washroom,
the one and only better thing in Cyberjaya,
the washroom is a whole lot cleaner in Melaka...
But who will ever give a damn to washroom?

Had the digital system tutorial for today,
it was a electronic lessons,
which we had to make a circuit by our own...
One of the reason im having bad mood today,
coz i really don't know how to deal with the IC, LED, resistors and wires...
It really gave me lots of stress,
i bet u all don't know,
the main reason i never wanted to be an engineer,
is because that i don't wanna get involved with electronic stuff...

And then it came the calculus,
whic is so difficult to be understood...
The lecturer were teaching so fast that i couldn't catch up,
and he seem like very shocked to see that we don't understand,
he even said our level is too low,
we should have learnt something before coming to his class...
I'm stressed again...
I mean like why the hell study is so difficult?

Bad things just won't stop in half way...
When i get home,
i realised the there's an electrical shortage...
At first,
i thought it was for the whole block,
and then i fathomed that its only happening in our unit...
I phoned many people to ask for help,
but the problem didn't solve...
I started to go here go there to find the authority,
and the agent seem like so unhappy with me,
which made me feel like im very troublesome...
Guess what?
Our main fuse was gone,
How could this ever happened?
I guess im the most unfortunate person in the world...

My bad luck ended up around 11pm,
when the electric finally got back to my unit...
But what's the point?
I'm really exhausted,
both physically and mentally...
I've never been in such a home sick mode,
i feel like rushing home right now!
But its too far,
so just forget it...
I really want to go back home to watch FIFA with my sister...
Even Spain lose the match,
how could i not saying this?

I have no option now,
but to study as hard as i could...
I don't wanna lose my scholarship!
So let's get nerd!
Nerd to the MAX!!!

P/S: Never expected life to be so rough, never knew that i'm not that tough!

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