Thursday, June 24, 2010

I survived!

Can't believe that i actually survived,
after going through such a busy day...
Im really exhausted after having this GOD DAMN PACKED DAY!
i have 9 hours classes NON STOP for today...
Like i mentioned,
Thursday is the busiest day for me...
And now im a dead man,
my mind cant really function well...

I actually had fun in digital system class today,
its really amazing that i manage to make a circuit out of my own...
* Of course the teacher got give instructions lah *
Its a real success for me and Rachel :)
We took lots of pitcha,
its memorable okie?
Since its our first success!
Seems complicated, right?

Trying to test the truth table of different IC...

So here is the best thing!
We successfully made the LED lighted up,
by connecting Inverter and OR Gate!

We are marvellous =D

We secretly took this...
Shhh! We're dead if the lecturer found out!

thing didn't go well in Calculus class...
I had no idea what the lecturer was talking about,
made me down again...
And i made a very silly mistake in my quiz!
Im sure the lecturer will scold me in the next tutorial class...
Basic also don't know,
apa la me?

I shall continue doing the tutorial questions now,
hope it will help me in the next class...

P/S: I need to breath!!!

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