Monday, June 14, 2010

KL Trip Part II

Sorry for taking such a long time to update this post,
Im actually kinda lazy to edit photos...
the upload speed of broadband kills...

So the 2nd day of my KL Trip,
we were like blanked out with no where to go...
I was so stubborn that i didn't wanna go to Sunway or Genting...
We ended up spending time at Mid Valley and The Garden...
The first thing we did there was buying ticket,
our movie of the day???
Bounty Hunter...

We then headed off to Sushi Zanmai to have our lunch,
as the movie will be started at 1 or 2 something,
i forget already... *laugh*
I wonder why the food there made me feel terrible,
which is kinda contradictory,
coz i used to think its the best sushi shop...
Me & June
My sis & Hoon
Me and the tea cup :)
The set meal really made me lost my appetite,
and i felt like going to puke after the lunch...
Not that terrible lah anyway,
maybe its because i wasn't feeling very well either...
We just have a brief walk around The Garden & Mid Valley...
Took some photos :)
Two pinky girls...
3 of us...
Its Fifa Fever!!!
But its an event of Nike,
my beloved Spain is not under its sponsor...
After that,
we went for our movie,
Bounty Hunter...
Quite funny and interesting...
But me and June heard some weird laughter behind us,
which doesn't make sense at all,
coz we were sitting at the last row...
Nothing to be terrified i guess,
its sorta sound wave law perhaps?

I get an idea when i passed through Baskin Robin,
it was Wednesday!!!
Me and Hoon were wearing pink,
so we decided to buy the ice-cream :)
Sad to say that it was my first try of Baskin Robin...

Me & my sis'

June & Hoon
Our next stop?
I met JingJing at there,
kinda surprise to meet hometown friend there...
What a small world, right?
Nothing special to be mentioned here,
except for its my first visit?
I know I know,
im like a proverbial frog under the coconut shell...
Photo session again,
but i ain't gonna post all,
lazy to edit lah~

Stunning, right?
I took one :P

We had our dinner at Nando's,
no photo uploaded here simply because the saturation of the photos are too hard to edit...
Just a dinner,
no need to upload, right?
I assumed it as a Yes,
so GOODNITE Peeps!

P/S: I need to escape from this stressful city!!!

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