Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Have u heard that?
Blue is coming back!!!
I know u guys were like who cares?
But i care alot!!!
After separating for years,
they finally reunite for their new album :)

I think they have separated since i was 12,
and they keep on promising that there will be a reunion...
And its been 7 years!
Whatever lah,
at least they did keep their promise, right?
If u were my good friends,
i bet u must know that im a big fans of them since primary school...
They were the one who made me fall for English songs...
It somehow helped me to improve my English,
coz i kept on checking dictionary to understand the lyrics...
Every single song of them is so addictive...
It still sounds good even it's been years...

I admit that i've forgotten most of the lyrics,
but i still adore...
they've grown so mature...
Things change with the flow of time...
Looking forward for their new album...
Hope it will be stunning :D

I love them!
Lee . Anthony . Simon . Duncan
Breath easy's MV

The album - Guilty

So here is the playlist of their songs,
hope u guys like it,
just like i do...
I mean i LOVE IT!!!

P/S: I can't breath easy...

1 comment:

  1. yes they are coming back!! and taking part in the eurovision song contest. im hella excited!:)