Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's my G?

Im here to update my blog again...
First of all,
can you guys please do me a favour?
click on that,
and vote for me please...
Its a McD GCB contest...
What's my G?
Check it out :)

im now at my beloved hometown,
enjoying my mid term break...
I mean suffering...

As i mentioned before,
i have alot of works to do...
But yet im doing nothing but lazying everyday...
Im not sure whether i would finish everything on time...
God bless then...

Im seriously very disappointed with my programming skills,
that i only get 7 marks for the lab test :(
What hurts the most?
When Phang told me that's the lowest mark among his housemates...
How sucks am i!
And then the Mathematics,
what a silly mistake i've done!
It costs alot u know?

Finally had my Malaysian Studies presentation last week,
the lecturer was like,
do it as fast as u could...
So, to save the time,
i only speak about 30sec perhaps?
Anything lah,
as long its over now...

Some camwhore pics here,
i didn't wear it during the presentation,
coz the lecturer said no extra marks for it...

Last photo i took before coming back from Cyberjaya :)
I really need to say FML,
coz i cant renew the book i've borrowed from the library...
Don't let me know which jerk is that!
Why the hell u wanna reserve that book?
Screw u!
I have to pay for the overdue charge right now!
And i've received the overdue notice for like thousand times,
who knows how much am i going to pay!
I wanna renew!!!

Whatever lah,
life's sucks, huh?
What's my G again?


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