Friday, August 6, 2010

Just a post

I've been neglecting my blog...
So damn sorry about this,
coz im so busy recently...

i just passed up my project I,
had my mid term test for Digital System and Databse System,
had a formal quiz for Malaysian Studies,
and just finished up the Operating System's proposal...
That's not the end my dear,
the coming Wednesday is going to be the Operating System test...
The worst part,
the Programming Project II is already uploaded!
I have no idea of how to do at all!
It requires us to make a program of Snake game,
u know the kind that u play in Nokia hp...
I know that im dying now!!!

Nevermind lah,
need to be optimistic now...
I still have a sifu,
hope she can help me lah :)

a stressful week is finally over...
*Though another is coming*
Just don't think about it first,
so i will just enjoy my weekend,
as my beloved housemate - U thong finally came back!!!
We planned to hit the PC Fair...
Hope we will have fun,
and take lotss of pitcha =D

I will be visiting Melaka by next week...
Hooray again!!!
I miss Melaka so damn muchie!!!
gonna get photos from ying...
Did i tell ya?
I had a really great time in Kaybee...
Shall update it asap...

Should i put some pics as preview?
going to steal from ying's blog...
Funny story with ying :)
Paul & Me!
And a happy meet up =D
Again lah,
god bless...
Since i've already screwed up all the tests,
hope i will get some lucks in the future...

Goodnight dudes!

P/S: Im happy Im happy coz Im contented!

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