Tuesday, September 14, 2010

short Raya post :)

my final exam will be started on 20th Sept,
yet im still updating my blog...
I don't have the mood to study at all!!!

I can foresee that i will abandon my blog for next week,
so just let me do this short update for a while,

So when it comes to festive season,
everyone goes back hometown...
And hell yeah,
my family members are all in Kaybee now!
Except for Pet Pet Hoon,
sad that she cant join us...
But who knows right?
Maybe i shouldn't come back too,
I should stay in Cyberjaya and study as hard as i could...
*Crapz! I wont stay at there*

Since most of our relatives are right here in Kaybee,
we had a family gathering again...
The event was held in my house,
and we had a dinner together...
The main point was just to meet up what,
so we were just spending time chit chatting...
Nothing much...

some photos to be shared here...

Jun . Fei . Min
Jun . Fei . Mei
Jun . Min . Mei
I shall get back to my studies now...
Im so worried about the finals,
which i actually havent study at all!
i guess i should be glad that the first sem is finally over!
I just cant wait to see myself graduate from this hell!!!

P/S: I wanna graduate!!!

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