Monday, October 11, 2010

10 things i miss about Melaka

I woke up today from a long long dream...
I dreamt of living in Melaka,
everything was so fine,

and i was so happy...
But when i opened my eyes,
I realised that i still have to go back to Cyberjaya...

I really miss Melaka,

everything there is way better than the hell im staying now!
this post is gonna be 10 things i miss about Melaka!

1st-The Campus

One good thing about Melaka Campus,
its small...
So u wont sweat and feel tired,
even though u go through the whole campus...
And screw the Cyberjaya Campus,
its way too large!
I love the field in Melaka Campus,
its a really nice place to have a chat with friends,
especially at night when it is chilling cool!
I wonder why i miss CLC so much,
the lecture hall in Cyberjaya,
is just not good enough for me :(
Add on here,
XR rooms for mid term papers always give me stiff shoulders!

2nd-The Crowd
Another good thing about being small,
u can see people all around the campus...
Students busying with their business projects,

rushing for classes, going for lunch or anything...
No for Cyberjaya,

u can hardly see people around...

And sometimes i feel like im out of the country,

coz i see more international students than locals...

3rd-MMU Corner
I miss those days when i used to go there for dinner...
Almost every evening i went there with my housemates,

great food btw...
I miss the Wan Tan Mee and the Yam Rice!

Gosh!!! At least i had variety of choices there...
Now i have to live with Economy Rice everyday!
And one more thing?
U get to say hi to many people when u dine in there =D

4th-Mori Cafe

Always my first choice for a tea...
Its a nice place to have a drink and gossip...
its also a nice place to celebrate birthdays when u cant get to town,
since there are singers who can sing birthday song for u...
I used to complain about those singers,
but now i cant even find a place to yum cha...

Mori is always one of the destination during my Melaka Trip :)

5th-Pasar Malam
Remember the Wednesday Pasar Malam?
We never missed that...
I think its kind of a nice activity,
spending an hour to hang around there,

and buy all the food that we want...
I miss the Char Kuey Teow,

it was so delicious!!!

6th-The Town
How can we forget about the town?
I used to hang out there every week...

my favorite part is always Jonker Street,

idk why too...
I love walking around there,
maybe buying things that i like...
And of course i love to sing k with bunch of friends,

movies aren't bad too...
i can barely remember my last movie...
Coz it is too inconvenient to go out from the hell im staying in...

The place i miss the most,
even when i was staying in Melaka...
U cant imagine the joy of staying in a hotel,
everything is large,

and we even got a tv...
i cant deny that it was really inconvenient to stay...
No food during weekends,
but still i love that place!
And me and my bffs used to have pillow talk at there,
talking craps and fearing of the creepy rumors...

I used to hate that place,
don't blame me...
U should understand that i moved from a hotel to a condo,

huge different, right?

there's this big and and fancy swimming pool there,

pretty attractive though i can't swim...
I used to hate the far far distance from the campus,

but i started to miss it already...
I could spend all night gossiping with my friends by the pool...


This is probably out of topic,
but still it was the first time i did nail manicure...

And i did it in Melaka,

so it sounds relevant now, right?
In fact,

i loved it!
Though it costs me RM15,

I still love it!!!


Thing i miss the most?
Friends that hang out with me,

friends that da bao for me when i lazy to go out,

friends that lend a hand when i was in need,
friends that share secrets with me,
friends that fool around...

i miss u guys alot!!!
Though most of them are also in hell with me,

but we barely spend time together...
Life sucks...

That's why i miss MELAKA!!!

Credits to my BFFS,
who i always disturb when i visit Melaka...
I miss ur jokes!!!
Especially to papiyo!

I guess that's all from me,
i will be visiting Melaka again and again...
So don't miss me too much yea :)

P/S: I wont transfer back to Melaka no matter how... Weirdo~

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