Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gorgeous weekend part II-Before the rain

ALOHA again!
Im here to continue what i've started...
So here is the part II of my gorgeous weekend!
Its kinda like an advance birthday celebration for my sister,
so we agreed with her idea ,
and went to Genting!
I admit i wasn't thrilled with the idea at first...

Warm up pic :)

Still remember that i said we?
there's another special guest here...
Tut Tut Tay!
Its kinda like a cousins reunion,
but too bad,
Hoon couldn't make it...
she missed the fun!

We reached our destination at 10 sth,
and now let the fun begins!
right at the entrance...

Our fist stop?
My sista's favourite...
Can you spot us?


After tha game... Peace ^^

We played the spinner like for 3 or 4 times...
It was fun,
but i couldn't help but feeling dizzy...
I mean real dizzy,
i couldn't even walk in a straight line...

While thinking of the 2nd pit stop?
We just walked around and took some photos :)

Jun . Man . Mei

Flying Jumbo!

I know that we're lame,
coz we actually went for the Flying Jumbo...
But seriously,
its one of our favourite?
Time for photographing...

The weather wasn't good at all for the day...
U can clearly see the foggy sky,
and certainly feel the chilling cool wind...

The bad news was the Corkscrew didn't operate at all...
What a fun sucker...
I wanted to play that so much!!!
And i didn't even get the chance to play Cyclone :(
Screw the damn weather!

And what's next?
The Pirate Ship!
Not many photos here...
And Pirate Ship rocks!!!
This is my favourite!!!
But i don't think my sista and cousin enjoyed it...

After that,
we had our lunch @ McD which we probably shouldn't have gone that early...
Coz after the lunch,
there was a heavy pour!
That's the real bumper!!!

i shall stop here...
i havent finish editing the rest of the photos...
Shall update asap, okie?
Stay tuned!
*The Hawaiian use Aloha as Hi and also Goodbye*

P/S: Im grateful that i didn't go to Genting by this weekend, as there's a bus accident happened! God Bless and fingers crossed...

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