Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

this holiday has been incredibly boring!!!
Don't take this wrong,
im enjoying it :)
I finally have the time to watch all the tv series...
So there's nothing but drama-rama in my blog...

Another great tv series for u guys...
Pretty Little Liars

Spencer . Aria . Emily . Hanna

For me,
its like a tv version of Sorority Row...
Do u remember that?
My biggest fear of all...
I guess the storyline is just the same,
but this one is not scary at all...

So im gonna introduce the characters now...
Alison Dilaurentis

the manipulative "Queen Bee" of Rosewood Day,
rules the most popular clique in school...

Aria Montgomery

a girl who used to despise Alison and anyone related to her...
Spencer Hastings

a perfectionist who always tries to outdo her sister,
and the only one to ever have the nerve to stand up to the leader...
Hanna Marin

the overweight girl in the group who has really never done anything bad to Alison...
Emily Fields

a swimmer from an extremely conservative,
racist family who is most protective of Alison...

They were all best friends,
who had planned an epic sleepover to start off their even more epic summer,
only until Ali disappears after getting into an argument with Spencer at their sleepover with the other girls,
and the group then slowly fades away.
After three years pass, Aria,
back from a long trip in Iceland that left her feeling confident,
beautiful, and more stylish than ever returns to Rosewood.
She finds former dork Mona and a thin Hanna to be the new social leaders of Rosewood Day.
Aria soon begins to have an affair with her English teacher,

Spencer falls for her sister's boyfriend,

Emily is in love with the new girl at school,
and Hanna not only shoplifts,
but also pukes up all of her eaten food to stay thin.
After all this,
a mysterious person called "A" threatens to reveal the girls' secrets from past and present,
including ones they thought only Alison knew;
and especially one in particular,
that the girls refer to as: "The Jenna thing."
Alison's body is found cemented in her former back yard,
and the DiLaurentis family holds a funeral for Alison in Rosewood: "the only home Alison ever knew."

Of course i don't agree with adultery,
but i actually think Spencer and her sister's boyfriend,
Wren is a great couple :)

He is charming!!!

People described this series as a special version of Gossip Girl,
and also a teenage version of Desperate Housewives...

im currently catching up with this series...
Its a nice series,
but it makes me lose confidence in marriage...
But anyway,
worth a watch :)

Im gonna end this post now...
Hope u will spend some time to watch that...
u should check this out...
U wont be regretted for watching Pretty Little Liars...

P/S: No more xoxo, but there's an A...

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  1. Tht was just so ummmmm, well wierd I guess. But ur not the only 1 in luv with Pretty Little Liars so I give props 4 luvin it. Can't
    wait 2 read the next post. If I get the chance.