Friday, November 12, 2010

Have you met Rynx?

Hola peeps!
I've been thinking of what to update,
my life is just too dull to be mentioned...

Here's the thing,
im gonna start off with "Have you met Rynx?"
I bet all the fans of HIMYM know,
this is inspired by Barney Stinson :)
And for those who doesn't have a clue,
please do catch up with the tv series "How i met your mother"...
And also Legendary!

Have you met Rynx?
First thing u must know here,
is the star sign of this lady...
Need a hint?

I guess its pretty obvious now...
Its Aquarius!

Basically this is a post to know Rynx through zodiac sign,
or shall i say to verify the statements people made for Aquarius via Rynx?
Im gonna post some random facts about Aquarius,
which i got from facebook...

#1 Thing we hate the most-Betrayal
Absolutely correct!
who will ever like betrayal?
But for me,
betrayal is like the last thing i can accept,
its like game over,
and just wait for the death penalty,
coz i never give second chance to betrayers!

#2 The most important thing-Inspiration
I wouldn't say its the most important thing,
coz i value family and friends more than that...
i couldn't deny the fact that losing inspiration while i was wrting,
it kills!
In case u didn't know,
I want to become a writer,
or maybe wanted?
its kinda confusing :)

#3 Seem crazy when-Studying
To be honest,
i really don't know who to translate this one...
So if u understand mandarin: 学习起来不是人.
As a matter of fact,
I totally disagree with this!
Im a lazy kinda person,
that prefer eleventh hour study...
And my biggest motivation?
Not to get scolded by parents lah!
I know some people think that im hypocrite now,
well i can only say,
my only strength is the elephant memory of my brain...
Even if i don't understand a crap from the book,
i could write down the exact same word for u...

#4 Love lasting period-Whole life
Im flattered,
a round of applause to all Aquarius out there...
We have been voted as the reliable lover!
i couldn't verify this coz i haven't actually find the right one...
For the record,
i could say its hard for me to forget someone that i really liked,
it takes time...
Maybe it has something to do with my elephant memory,
and for a person like me who cant forget things easily,
usually cant forgive people easily as well...
U know what to do lah :D

#5 Necessity-Freedom
No doubt at all!
I couldn't live without freedom...
Hate being control by people!
What i need to emphasize here is the freedom of mind,
everyone should have their own thoughts,
without being controlled by others, right?

#6 Lovelorn Camouflage-Stay alone
I don't really have any official lovelorn,
but when my world is like falling apart,
hell yea,
i love being alone!
I rather spending time alone in my room,
in a cafe or any place,
to clear up my mind...

#7 Personality-Weird
Cant deny it,
im weird...
Even myself couldn't predict what i would do in the next second...
I would put some blames on the mood swing,
u know it sometimes affect my judgement...
I think being consider as weird is just because im being random,
but one thing u should know,
my decisions are based on who im dealing with...

#8 Fated to hurt one's lover-Ranking No.1
The reason stated here is that Aquarius love to take control in love...
If their lovers are over passionate as they've been expected,
they will start to escape...
I admit that im kind of a control freak,
and yes im manipulative somtimes...
But as long as i concern,
this thing never happened...

#9 Not being grateful to one's boyfriend-Ranking No.4
Aquarius never say that they don't appreciate their boyfriends,
but that actions prove so...
I could only say that i value friends much more than boys,
and i bet my future bf can hardly feel his own existence...
That's why lah im single...

#10 Greatest strength-Lying
I do lie,
but i don't think im that great...
Who doesn't lie?
Come on...
Though im kinda good in lying,
but i only lie in certain circumstances,
purely to protect myself :)

I would love to continue,
but i guess everyone is bored with all the words,
And these horoscope things are all related to love,
as u know,
i don't have one...
So i'll just leave u guys alone now...


P/S: Have you met Rynx? The Aqua Queen =D

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