Monday, December 6, 2010

10 reasons why you should get TANGLED up!

Hola Peeps!
Sorry for the late update...
here it comes 10 reasons why u should watch TANGLED!
For those who have watched it,
i bet u will agree with me,
and for those who havent,
im gonna give u 10 reasons to watch it :)

#1 Funniest Fairy Tale
its obviously the funniest fairy tale of Disney...
I kept on laughing when i was watching this movie...

Its hilarious,
especially the hero, Flynn Rider...
He is kinda like over confident...

Mother Gothel is also a very funny character here,

eventhough she is an antagonist,

They just cant get my nose right!
Gothel: I see a strong, confident young lady...
Oh! U're here too!

#2 Most Romantic Fairy Tale

its like the most romantic fairy tale ever...
Unlike all those classic fairy tale,

where the princesses attract prince with their amazing voice...

Love at first sight,

true love kiss and live happily ever after...
Tangled is way different than that,

they came to know each other,

been through alot,
and i guess true love tear,
finally live happily ever after =D
#3 Amazing Singers
All these lovely characters are given life by amazing singers...

Mandy Moore plays Rapunzel,
Zachary Levi plays Flynn Rider,
Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel,
and Brad Garrett as Hook Hand Thug...
They surprised me with their awesome voice,
And the songs are so nice...
They make Tangled alive...

Flynn & Rapunzel :)
Mother Gothel!
Hook Hand Thug...
#4 Perfect Long Hair
Disney definitely did a great job on Rapunzel's hair...

Long yet shiny,
gold and smooth...
I bet every girl loves her hair...

Rapunzel's hair actually looks darn real,
i think it deserve a round of applause :)

Long yet powerful hair...Mother Gothel loves her magical hair...
#5 Maximus and Pascal
Maximus-the horse and Pascal-the chameleon are also my favourite character!

Maximus always make me laugh with its hilarious action,
it cant stop fighting with Flynn,

and it can sniff like a dog...

Pascal is really really cute...
Its like Rapunzel's one and only friend...
The funny thing is Flynn and Maximus both listen to its command...

Pascal the chameleon!
Giving command again...
#6 Facial Expressions
I bet Tangled is the one with the most facial expressions,
i mean among disney cartoons...
U can see alot of funny looks on those characters,

very vivid,
which makes the movie AWESOME!
Hi :D
#7 Trailers
Even their trailers are so well edited!

I admit at first i really don't feel like watching Tangled,
coz im not a big fans of cartoons,
and i think its a waste to watch cartoons in cinema...
But after watching the trailers,
i had a slight change of mind...
And after finishing the movie,

#8 All-in-one movie
Its kinda like a all-in-one movie,
comedy blah blah blah...

U can find all the elements in TANGLED!

Fabulous, right?
Adventure + Romance...

#9 Frying Pan
The most special weapon ever,

owned by Rapunzel...
Its like her second weapon,
other than her powerful hair...
Flynn soon discovered the power of the frying pan too...
In short,
this frying pan help them through their incredible adventure :)

Rapunzel with her secret weapon :)
Flynn: Oh Mama! Im gonna get me one of this!

#10 Blondee + Handsome
Its a love story between a blondee and a handsome guy,

oh come on!
What else do u want?
For me,

Flynn Rider is the most handsome Prince of all!!!
Most of all,

his personality attracts me alot!!!
Rapunzel is cute too :)
Perfect couple :)

U still have other reasons to share?
Feel free to drop a comment...
Im gonna stop here,

P/S: Im so gonna watch it in 3D!


  1. This is a good post. Keep up with the good write.

  2. I saw the movie, and like you said, it's great, funny... I love it <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Flynn is not a prince, that's all I ad to comment on!

  4. Glad to hear people said they love this movie...
    He's getting married with Rapunzel, who is a princess, so i guess he's sort of a prince :)