Friday, December 17, 2010

Anthony Neely ♥ 倪安東

Hey, peeps!
Im here to introduce u to this hot guy...

His name is Anthony Neely,

or better known as 倪安東...
He's just gorgeous!

I came to know him through my sister,
when she showed me his MV...

i wasn't impressed by him for the first time...
Until one day,

someone posted his MV again in facebook...

Since i was bored,
i streamed the video and started to realise he is a really good singer!

here are some of his details...
Name: Anthony Neely
Chinese Name: Ni Andong (倪安東 / 倪安东)
Birthplace: California, United States
Birthday: May 20, 1986 S
tar Sign: Taurus
Height: 178cm
Weight: 78kg
School: University of California, San Diego

Love him!
He is actually half American and half Taiwanese,
and he was famous as a PK contestant of One Million Star(星光大道)...
Its pretty easy for him to get attention from the publc i guess,

coz he has this amazing voice,
and he is pretty good looking!

For his fans out there,

i just watched his appearance on my favourite show 康熙來了,
and he mentioned some requirements in choosing his girlfriend...
Let's see if u're qualified...
Of course,

im gonna check for myself :)

#1 Petite check!
He likes gals with petite size,
wonder why...
Maybe he's a macho man?

That's a good news for me anyway,

Im absolutely a petite!

#2 Strong personality
I bet people who know me realise that i have a strong personality...
gals with strong personality is actually hard to be tamed...
I really hope he's not a macho man,
or else he and his gf will definitely end up with endless wars...

#3 Stone cold fox
*half check*
I don't think i really fulfill this requirement,
coz im not pretty enough...
But im kinda cool in some way,
Im stone cold,
but not a fox :D
He's cute!
#4 Aura of elegance
Too bad!
Im not even close to this one...
But i guess its normal for guys to like elegant gal right?
I mean who the hell on this earth doesn't like elegant gal,
of course not those who pretend to be one...

#5 Filial Piety
Anthony likes gal who shows filial obedience,
bet its because those gals love their family,
and so when they get married,
she will love their family as well...
Deep thought!

#6 Can sing check!
What a requirement...
I bet he will end up getting along with some singer...
A gf who can sing,
what's the poin?
Its okay,
i actually can sing,
maybe not AWESOME lah...
But i think still qualify :)

I think im qualified to compete as his next gf right?
4 and a half out of 6...
Pretty awesome!
I'll just share some of his songs here,
do check it out...
U wont be sorry :D


Sorry that i loved you

Oh ya,
please do check out his official website as well :)

P/S: There's something powerful in his voice, which is something i look for in singers...


  1. this is a pretty detailed entry about anthony neely, I love it.
    thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks, hope u enjoy reading my blog :)

  3. He is awesome cute! Hope he goes far.I think he must have come to Taiwan to study mandarin and stumbled upon the show?

  4. he's cute even me started to adore him even i dont speak chinese hokkien or whatalike XD

  5. I wish I can meet him in person :) I pray Lord to allow me to see him