Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FML Post

Hola people!
X'mas is just over,
and the hell life is officially begin!
I've been resentful to life recently,
u know,
tough life i got here...

If u had realised,
i've changed my font to verdana,
i find it clearer and neater than Trebuchet :)

This ain't gonna be a long post,
im here to share some songs that i love to listen when im in a really bad mood...
I would call it the F*ck Playlist...

Song #1 Cee Lo-F*ck you

One of my favourite song,
but not with this title...
I prefer the title with forget you,
its alot more meaningful right?
Although there's pain in my chest,
I still wish u the best,
with a F*CK YOU!

Song #2 Lily Allen-F*ck you

This song can actually make me feel happy,
the lyrics is meaningful,
and the rhythm is lively...
And Lily Allen sings it so darn well!!!
F*ck you,
F*ck you very very much...
Coz we hate what you do,
and we hate your whole crew,
so please don't stay in touch!

Song #3 Eamon-F*ck it

It also known as I don't want you back,
obviously written for his ex girlfriend...
This song has been in my playlist for years,
helps me to release anger in several occasions...
F*ck you you ho,
i don't want you back!

Song #4 Frankee-F*ck you right back

This song is interesting,
its kinda like a reply for the previous song...
F*ck what i did was your fault somehow,
F*ck all the crying it didn't mean jack,
Well guess what yo, F*ck you right back!

Song #5 Eminem-I still don't give a F*ck

Eminem is one my favourite rapper,
he got this attitude,
which i really love...
He's like WHO CARES?
This song has this strong beat,
that matches with my very very bad mood...
To all the people I've offended - yeah fuck you too!
To all the friends I used to have - yo I miss my past
But the rest of you assholes can KISS MY ASS!

I apologize if anyone found this post offensive,
its kinda my way to get rid off stress...
no harm listening to these music,
If you had great stress as i do now,
try them out!
I totally appreciate them! :)

Goodnite Peeps!
Its gonna be the toughest 3 weeks ever!

P/S: No one wants your opinion... F*ck you very very much, please don't stay in touch!

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