Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Christmas with Gulliver

Its the end of 2010 people!
So i better blog about my x'mas before it turns 2011, right?

i don't have an actual celebration on that particular day,
coz my sis reached here by x'mas...
our celebration took place a day after...
And our destination was TimeSquare,
yes again!

Some photos were taken here...
Not a very nice photo...
My sista :)

Me again!
I din receive any x'mas present... too bad!

We were famished after travelling all the way from cyberjaya to there,
so we had our lunch at Room 18,
a very nice Hong Kong style restaurant,
their food is quite delicious...

My sister's meal...
This is mine :D
The wantan is freaking amazing!

After having lunch,
we watched a movie...
Its a routine,
if u hung up with my sis,
she just love to watch movie,
idk why...

We were actually struggling what to watch a day before,
coz it seems like there's no any interesting movie to watch...
Tron Legacy?
Hmmm... I don't understand a thing from its trailer!
Little Fockers?
It didn't attract me alot...
our final decision was Gulliver's Travel!

I bet most of you know the storyline, right?
A guy traveled to an island fulled with tiny people,
and so he's the most mighty and respectable person there...
I would say this is a funny movie,
a comedy that can enlighten your day,
but its not the best...

What makes me choose this movie?
The storyline,
and Jason Segel...
If you don't know him,
please check out How I Met Your Mother,
he's Marshall!!!
I would rate this movie as 3.5 stars out of 5...

After that,
we went to Bukit Bintang area,
had a brief walk,
and settled my sister's thingy...
she already went to Taiwan for 2011...
Why is she so rich?

i hope she will enjoy her trip,
and buy me something nice...
Shall end my post now,
freaking busy :P

P/S: I hope everything is going to be okay...

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