Wednesday, December 22, 2010

X'mas Thoughts

I finally finished the toughest exam on the earth!
And Hooray coz X'mas is coming soon!!!
i admit that i don't actually celebrate it...
X'mas is just a holiday for me,
a day for me to get rest,
or maybe hang out with friends...

First thing about X'mas,
i don't believe in Santa Claus,
i mean i never did...
I just knew he wont exist in my room and put present in my sock...
Maybe its because im not a Christian,
or maybe i think Santa is a foreigner,
he won't appear in Malaysia...
i will be glad to get present on X'mas!
U guys pandai-pandai lah :D

What i love about X'mas is,
Great food!!!
Its a festival what,
people sure eat nice food :)
Even though i am not a Christian,
but i will also reward myself with nice food on this day :)

This is delicious!

I love to eat!!!
X'mas tree is undeniably nice!
And i love all the decorations for X'mas...
It makes me feel refreshing and relaxing :)
i love those bells hanging on the X'mas tree~

another symbol of X'mas...
i have no special feelings on it,
simply think it is cute :)

On this festive season,
i only wish to have someone by my side...
By someone,
i mean family!
or maybe friends!
Tonnes of friends!!!
Back to reality,
this X'mas is going to be nothing,
but the good news is that my sister is coming :)
At least i wont be alone, right?

XOXO... Merry X'mas!

P/S: I just learnt a Japanese X'mas song :D

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