Saturday, January 29, 2011

Summary of Rynx's January!

Hola Peeps!
im back to blog!
But seriously,
a very brief one...
I still havent prepare for my final exam,
whixh falls on the 5th of CNY...
FML, rite?

January is the favourite month of mine,
its my birthday month,
and it symbolizes NEW for everyone!
So im here to update u about my life of January...

#1 The activities of CNYE had finally came to an end

As u know,
and maybe u don't know,
i joined the 14th CNYE out of boredom...
To be honest,
its some kinda mistake,
coz i never knew that i don't have enough time for it...
its already ended now...
At least,
i've learnt something from it, rite?

#2 My biggest nightmare - Machine Architecture

I had completed the toughest lab test ever!
Maybe its not tough for everyone,
but for me,
its definitely the toughest one...
Coz i don't even understand this thing...
Luckily the tutor was pretty kind,
and why the hell Melaka campus doesnt own this machine?
They used PC to completed the test,
unfair! UNFAIR!
Whatever lah,
since its already over...
But here comes the finals,

#3 Programming Assignment is a b*tch

Programming assignment is always a b*tch,
it haunted me nights and days...
Till i couldnt get any sleep!
And when i finally completed it,
the lecturer couldnt open the file...
I was so worried that i had to go back to Cyberjaya juz for this silly thing!!!
my lecturer was really nice,
and he asked me to concentrate on my studies and need not to worry...
All in all,
the problem is solved :)

#4 Early birthday celebration and farewell for Jason

The earliest surprise birthday celebration was on the 15th of January,
when all i expected was a farewell party for Jason...
Thanks to everyone who had celebrated my 18th birthday with me :)
Especially to JinFu who came far far away from Melaka,
seriously appreciate it!
We spent our days in Green Box,
and fyi,
its also a farewell party for my wife, Jason...
He is going to pursue his dream in Korea,
well good luck then!
Im gonna blog about this after the finals, k?

#6 Melaka again, again, again, again and again!

I never get bored with Melaka,
in fact i love this place damn much!
But this time,
i had a Melaka trip with 4 guys,
first time ever hung up with this crew...
It was quite fun,
somehow i felt like i was a tourist,
coz we were visiting and eating all those local things...
Oh ya,
we watched a movie,
pretty damn meaningful yet boring...
I bet u know,
its called THE WAY BACK!

#6 My real birthday
As i write, write and write...
Here comes my birthday...
Spent my BIG day with my besties,
Little Miss Splendid, Papoi & Papiyo...
Thanks for not letting me alone on my birthday :)
And im madly in LOVE with the gift!
an IPOD!
I bet they can read my mind...
So thanks to them, chaihong, ping, lian, jiawen, chinchee, bulu, heong, xinjie, jacky!
I love it!
And im seriously grateful to those who had sent me wishes,
or phoned me,
even it was late,
still thank you :)
For those who didn't,
u know and i know lah,
im not anything to u,
and i don't give a damn to u...

K lah,
gotta study now...

P/S: Life is a journey to find out what is true and what is fake... I've seen through u, and there's nothing true left...

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