Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here comes the final part of my birthday celebration!!!
Sorry for all the procrastination,
i've been incredibly lazy recently :P

Yup yup,
so my last birthday celebration was at Dream box...
My favourite spot of all!
I love to sing!!!

Not much to say about that day...
Me, Papoi & Papiyo were picked up by ying at about 4pm...
Special thanks to Tan Fei for sponsoring the car :)

We first went to Jusco to hunt for shoes...
One bad news here,
Ying spoilt her camera...
How sad!!!
Seem like my birthday wasn't a very lucky day for everyone...

After finished shopping,
we went straight to Dream Box,
and had a buffet dinner there :)

Here are some photos taken...
Ying & Me

Photo shooting...

Me . Papiyo . Papoi

3 of us again :D

And now 4 of us!

Cam whoring in the toilet again :)

2011 version of us...

Still remember this?
The last trip before i left Malacca 2010 :(

Happy happy ^^

The roomies :)

Individual portrait :)

Time to camwhore using Iphone :)

Now im gonna reveal the present!!!
Special thanks to Ying, Papoi, Papiyo, Chaihong, Kueiping, Jiawen, Lilian, CC...
For guys,
thanks to Heong, Bulu, XinJie, Jacky...
Hope i didn't miss out anyone...
Seriously thanks...
I love it!!
Its an Ipod!!!

Its the first Apple product i've ever owned :)

Maybe its because im taking IT,
so most of the presents are technology devices...
Let's see what's from my dad...
500GB External Hard Disk!!!

Finally got one!
And now i can save loads of dramas and movies :)

About the pressie from my sister and cousins,
gonna reveal it later, okie?


P/S: This year's presents are AWEEEEEEEESOMMMEEEEE!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I went to Melaka,
right after i finished everything in Cyber!
I was like HOORAY!
And Goodbye Cyberjaya!!!
Im now having a really really long break in KB :)

back to the topic...
I visited Melaka again,
the main point was to celebrate my birthday...
So before the clock ticked on 12,
Ying came to fetch us for supper...

Of course i knew what were they planning,
and the funniest thing was that i accidentally saw the msg ying sent to bear...
But too bad,
i wasn't feeling quite well that night,
i guess the weather was too hot...
Yeewen forced me to go out,
and when i wanna get into the front seat of the car,
which i already asked bear whether i could get in,
Ying quickly tried to hide the cake underneath the seat,
its like i couldn't even pretend to be surprised...

Our destination was Station 1 Cafe,
it was my first visit to there...

Since we arrived there early,
we took some photos :)

Our supper!
Luxurious rite?
And then...
Its 12am!
Ta dah!!!
My birthday cake... :D
Make a wish!
Cut the cake :)
More photos here...
Me & Papiyo!
Now with Papoi!
Me & Ying :)
Finally a group pic :)
Had our awesome night here,
and we continued at Papoi&Papiyo's house...

Im gonna end this now,
anticipate for my next post,
i got more to tell ya :)

P/S: Thanks for the birthday celebration my BFFs!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Instead of updating about my birthday,
im more in the mood to write about this girl...

Her name is IU,
of course that is just her stage name...
She is a really good singer,
that's why im gonna introduce her to you guys...

Real Name: 李智恩(이지은)Lee Ji Eun
Stage Name: IU(아이유)
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood Type: A
Family members: Father, Mother, Younger brother
Hobby: Reading, singing, dancing
Ideal Man: TaeYang(Big Bang)

For her stage name,
she combined I,
referring to herself,
and U referring to the audience,
with the meaning that she will always be with the audience...

Im gonna share some of her photos now...

Many people accused that she had done plastic surgery,
but she denied it...
For me,
it doesn't really matter right?
Coz she can sing pretty well,
so her appearance really doesn't matter that much...
She used her voice to gain the popularity,
not her face what...
She's cute!

Oh ya,
she is now casting in a Korean tv series,
called Dream High...
This show is kinda like a Korean version of Glee,
but not as good as Glee,
somemore it is more focused on love story,
rather than singing...
They are quite a cute couple :)

I guess that's all from me...
Now im gonna share some of her amazing performances...

If u have noticed,
i purposely shared live performances...
As i said,
she is a great singer,
who can sing so perfectly without lip syncing...

Adios people!

P/S: She is only 17! Wtf!