Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011 ♥

Happy Chinese New Year People!!!
Hope that everyone is enjoying this big day :)

I feel like singing Hoot again!
Shoot shoot shoot!
Hoot hoot hoot!
i bet u guys know that i love to use this song to annoy people...
In fact,
i can sing it damn well rite?

1st day of CNY,
I actually have nothing to do...
That's why i keep on cam whoring...

what to do?
Im bored...
I guess i just have to wait until my relatives come over,
and then i can collect my ANG POWssss!!!

But still,
i got nothing to do...
i should juz practise how to pose...
U know,
people love to take photos during CNY :D
Im definitely one of them!

And then i think of the final exam,
its so NEAR!!!
I havent start to study...
Arghhh... GG!
Choi choi!!!
Today is a good day,
im gonna be alright,
i should just stay optimistic,
and have fun on CNY!
People Happy Chinese New Year!

Best wishes,
from your beloved friend,
U know u love her,
Gossip Girl

P/S: Happy Chinese New Year, please BO BI me, so that i can pass my exam with flying colours :)

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