Saturday, February 19, 2011


Instead of updating about my birthday,
im more in the mood to write about this girl...

Her name is IU,
of course that is just her stage name...
She is a really good singer,
that's why im gonna introduce her to you guys...

Real Name: 李智恩(이지은)Lee Ji Eun
Stage Name: IU(아이유)
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Blood Type: A
Family members: Father, Mother, Younger brother
Hobby: Reading, singing, dancing
Ideal Man: TaeYang(Big Bang)

For her stage name,
she combined I,
referring to herself,
and U referring to the audience,
with the meaning that she will always be with the audience...

Im gonna share some of her photos now...

Many people accused that she had done plastic surgery,
but she denied it...
For me,
it doesn't really matter right?
Coz she can sing pretty well,
so her appearance really doesn't matter that much...
She used her voice to gain the popularity,
not her face what...
She's cute!

Oh ya,
she is now casting in a Korean tv series,
called Dream High...
This show is kinda like a Korean version of Glee,
but not as good as Glee,
somemore it is more focused on love story,
rather than singing...
They are quite a cute couple :)

I guess that's all from me...
Now im gonna share some of her amazing performances...

If u have noticed,
i purposely shared live performances...
As i said,
she is a great singer,
who can sing so perfectly without lip syncing...

Adios people!

P/S: She is only 17! Wtf!


  1. i like IU , because of the character in dream high ! hahah Jason and PilSook !! omg milky couple !!!

  2. Haha! Me too! They are indeed a great couple!