Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here comes the final part of my birthday celebration!!!
Sorry for all the procrastination,
i've been incredibly lazy recently :P

Yup yup,
so my last birthday celebration was at Dream box...
My favourite spot of all!
I love to sing!!!

Not much to say about that day...
Me, Papoi & Papiyo were picked up by ying at about 4pm...
Special thanks to Tan Fei for sponsoring the car :)

We first went to Jusco to hunt for shoes...
One bad news here,
Ying spoilt her camera...
How sad!!!
Seem like my birthday wasn't a very lucky day for everyone...

After finished shopping,
we went straight to Dream Box,
and had a buffet dinner there :)

Here are some photos taken...
Ying & Me

Photo shooting...

Me . Papiyo . Papoi

3 of us again :D

And now 4 of us!

Cam whoring in the toilet again :)

2011 version of us...

Still remember this?
The last trip before i left Malacca 2010 :(

Happy happy ^^

The roomies :)

Individual portrait :)

Time to camwhore using Iphone :)

Now im gonna reveal the present!!!
Special thanks to Ying, Papoi, Papiyo, Chaihong, Kueiping, Jiawen, Lilian, CC...
For guys,
thanks to Heong, Bulu, XinJie, Jacky...
Hope i didn't miss out anyone...
Seriously thanks...
I love it!!
Its an Ipod!!!

Its the first Apple product i've ever owned :)

Maybe its because im taking IT,
so most of the presents are technology devices...
Let's see what's from my dad...
500GB External Hard Disk!!!

Finally got one!
And now i can save loads of dramas and movies :)

About the pressie from my sister and cousins,
gonna reveal it later, okie?


P/S: This year's presents are AWEEEEEEEESOMMMEEEEE!!!

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