Friday, May 27, 2011

A farewell party for my FRIENDS!

I've been wondering of what to update about,
and then i saw some photos from my bff's facebook,
which gave me some ideas...

Most of my friends are busying for their future study,
and two of them,
Heong and Ping had chose their very own path...
we threw a farewell party for them :)

we went to a Thai restaurant and had our dinner...
That was a big crew of us,
and we just talked loud and ate big...

After finishing our dinner,
we decided to go for a tea session...
And our destination was Golden Bean...
It has been a while,
since the last time i went there...

We talked crap,
and of course took lotsa pics...

The BLACK Crew!

The girls!
The guys!
It looks a little more like Heong's farewell,
rather than Ping's...
Maybe its because Ping's too low profile...
No worries,
im gonna visit her in the future...
She is gonna join our MMU Kelantanese group!

Me & Ying
Me, Jiawen, Ying
good luck to Heong who already left Kaybee,
and Ping who is leaving by tomorrow :)
All the best yea dudes!

P/S: Take care pals!

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