Sunday, May 15, 2011

The only 3 songs in my current playlist

I really have nothing to do right now...
Don't feel like watching any tv series,
and don't feel like being in bed...
My sweet sweet honeymoon is going to end soon,
damn it!
And im going back to the suckest hell again...
U know how i hate that place, right?
i really hate MMU,
coz they simply change the course structure,
and now i cant have long holiday anymore...

fact is fact,
i cant change it anyway...

now im gonna share the only 3 songs in my current playlist...
I keep on replaying them,
help me to get rid off some annoying stuff in my mind :)

First of all,
You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera...
I love it so much!!!
She is such a good singer,
and she sings this song with full emotions...
i found out this song through a cover singer,
the version is damn nice...

But after hearing out Christina Aguilera,
i cant deny that,
she sings it the best!

Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars...
A very talented singer or song writer,
This song sounds so heartbroken,
and the lyrics is so touching...
Love it too!
And i even tried to make my own cover of this song,
but seriously,
i cant sing and play piano at the same time...
So i give up,
but anyway,
if u need someone to play the chords for u,
feel free to find me,
i've learnt :)

Last but not least,
my all time favourite song...
Lover You Should Have Come Over by Jeff Buckley...
this song is kinda boring but if u love it,
u're definitely my soulmate...
I discovered this song in Flash Forward,
the 3rd episode,
when an officer committed suicide...
I just found out that Jeff Buckley is dead for over 10 years,
due to drowning,
oh dear lord!
He din even get the attention that he deserved,
he was such an amazing singer :(
This song was the first and only song in my ipod,
i used to listen to it when i was having insomnia...
It helps me to sleep...

Due to some copyright issues,
i couldn't find the song in youtube...
So without any images,
close your eyes,
and please enjoy the greatest song of all :)

Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should've Come Over

P/S: You'll regret it, but its too late, how can i ever trust u again?!

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