Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photo shooting day

I hope u didn't get shocked when u entered my blog...
i changed my blogskin again,
and this time with a brand new banner!
Nice rite?
Please say nice!

as u can see from my banner,
i had a photo shooting session with my BFFs...
The photos are currently remained private,
and will be uploaded soon,
after i filter them :)

I know im not photogenic,
but i actually had fun today...
What a nice day!
And thanks to the AWESOME photographer,
i now have tonnes of potential profile pictures!
Guess im gonna change my profile picture once a week...
Just kidding :D

bet you want some sneak peek...
im gonna reveal some of the them here...
Be honoured, okie?
Coz u're the first to see them!

Current profile picture :)
Somehow i look quite okay with the shades :)
This is what we called as 回眸一笑...

Im now totally addicted to a Korean drama,
Lie To Me,
but too bad,
there are only 2 episodes per week,
i wait till wanna die liao lahhhh!!!
gonna share some songs from the drama,
seriously cute songs!
the guy from the drama is a total hottie! <3

Gonna stop here, okie?
See ya soon :)

P/S: Click AWESOME and LIKE okie? Coz this is kinda AWESOME and LIKABLE :P


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