Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Awesome weekend of June Part I

This is a story about how i become a beggar...
im so damn broke now!

As u may know,
i have taken a long long break and just staying in Kaybee...
And now,
im broke,
coz i will not receive my allowance for new sem...
I don't wanna say much about that,
but please pray for me,
im gonna fight for it!

back to the topic!
The good thing is my sister stays in KL,
she works here literally...
So i kinda found my a company for movie and shopping :)

1st week of my new sem,
i went to stay at my sis' apartment,
and we went our for shopping and movies...
1st stop,
I love the watson inside of it,
its HUGE,
and filled with lots of products...
Spent alot there for mask and hair products!

we walked to Pavilion!
U will be surprised of how near it is!
First thing to do in Pavilion was to watch a movie,
our selection?
Super 8...

My comment?
One of the lamest movie i've ever watched! :(

After that,
we were famished,
and since my sister insisted to treat me a meal...
Ok lah,
we headed to Dragon-i...
According to my sister,
it is very expensive!
she was right...
Here's what we ordered...
Fried Rice!
Pretty delicious actually...
Xiao Long Bao...
Mouthful of soup!
Thumbs up!!!
Steam rice with meat and egg!

everything was delicious,
especially the xiao long bao!
Love it!
For dessert,
we ordered 西米露!
Satisfied again! :)

This is seriously tasty!
We were really fulled,
but seriously,
this meal costed my sister a fortune...
Thank you anyway...
After that,
we walked to Time Square for shopping...
Bought some clothes :)
And we decided to go for another movie...
X Men First Class!!!

This is a freaking nice movie u know!!!
So much better than the Super Lame!!!
And it makes me wanna watch all the X Men series,
but too bad,
my connection here doesn't allow me to do that...

this is basically the 1st part of my awesome weekend...
Will update u soon :)

P/S: If u were kind enough, please help me to click advertisement, im having the biggest financial crisis ever!


  1. Xiao Long Bao!!! :)~ X-Men, Mutants and Proud. LOL!!

  2. for someone who is broke, you are having a good time, if I am broke, I have no life.

  3. nope... its 笼的传人 :)