Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Awesome Weekend of June Part II

Hola peeps!
Im finally back to blog again :)
There are many things happening in my awesome life,
but my blog is way too far behind...
Gonna update it ASAP yea :)

Based on the photo...
Can u guess where i was?
it was pavilion...
Right before me and my sister went for a movie,
we stopped by a nicely decorated booth...

As u can see,
its called Shimino,
a shop selling Japenese crepes :)

My sis was super excited!
And she chose her favourite chocolate banana flavour...

I just tumpang makan...

She's totally satisfied

So this is how the crepes looks inside :)

I haven't tell u about the movie we watched right?
Its Henry's Crime!

Before we bought the ticket,
we actually read some reviews about the movie,
mostly negative...
But we were like what the hell,
u guys even said Super 8 is Super NICE!!!
its Keanu Reeves!
How bad could it be right?

we should have took the advices...
The story was boring, ridiculous, and kinda lame...
Keanu Reeves looks like a complete dumbass!!!
This movie PHAILed!
Add on here,
Super 8 is still worse...

I'll just make it short,
there was a Super Heroes Exhibition in Pavilion...
we just went there to take some photos...

Green Lantern & Me
By the way,
Green Lantern is lame too...
There's no nice movie recently,
the best for so far is X Men :)

Kakak vs Superman :D
Batman & Me :)

Not to say i spent alot again...
And i bought 2 clothes in NICHII!
U just have to go crazy :)

I'll be seeing u soon!

P/S: No money lahhhhhhhh!!!