Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random whatever!

This is a story about how i spent my 36 hours without any sleep...
People who know me should understand that i have trouble to sleep early,
sometimes i sleep at 4am,
or even worse 6am...

The best scenario is this...
I watched Grey's Anatomy for hours,
and when i finally stopped,
i realised its already 6am++...
Since i 've tried to live a healthy life,
so i thought this might be a good chance...

I got a change,
and went jogging with my mom :)

Where exactly?
Tengku Anis lah...

While i was waiting for my mom,
who was doing some exercises with other uncle aunty,
took some photos :D

Remember this place?
Seem familiar rite?
There are some sweet memories here for me and my friends...

That's us!
I love this photo alot!!!
Gonna head back to Cyberjaya this Sunday...
Hate to go back,
and im gonna miss everything here!!!
Especially the people i care...
In kaybee everything is so GOOD!
Most of the people are just kind...
When u go study outside,
u just get to know some people who tend to use u,
what a fakey gold digger!
Kaybee is always the best place on earth!

Goodbye for now :)

P/S: Im proud to say i love my hometown!

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