Monday, July 18, 2011

CNBlue Fever

Hola Peeps!
Im finally back after weeks for being MIA...
Truely sorry,
i was busying with mid term tests...

i actually planned to update about Anthony Neely's Promo Tour,
here in my campus,
but uploading videos to youtube consumed lots of time!

So instead of writing about Anthony Neely,
i'd rather share my current obsession with you guys :)

No surprise rite?
My favourite Korean band...
Know what?
They are the spokesman for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :)

Im so gonna get myself one...
Enjoy their CF here :)

Gonna introduce them to you guys,
according to my preference...

my favourite is the leader + lead singer...
Jung Yong Hwa <3
I actually know the band through him,
coz u know he acted in a drama...

He is Jong Hyun...
Duno much about him,
but i know that he has a really nice voice,
specially suitable for acoustic performance...

The drummer...
Looks pretty darn cool when he plays with the beat!
he is Min Hyuk,
a few months younger than me...

The one who plays the bass,
Jung Shin!
The youngest in the band,
clearly younger than me ALOT!
Its not that i don't like him...
He is cute and funny,
but i still have some opinions,
regarding his hair...

the sequence also represents their age,
in a descending order :)

I hops you guys enjoy their songs...
Really love them...
And im totally exhausted now,
its better to sleep already...

P/S: Lovin' Jung Yong Hwa! :D

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