Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Pretty Little Liars Season2 is SMOKING HOT?!

I've been spending all my days immerse myself in all sorts of tv series...
Here's one of my favourite...
Pretty Little Liars :)
U know,
pretty faces,
clueless mysteries,
and of course hot guys...

As the story goes,
its getting more and more interesting...
Let me tell u why Pretty Little Liars Season2 is smoking HOT!

#1 Jenna & Garret
Jenna and Garret is in a secret relationship for a long time...
With one of the cops by Jenna's side,
it will be a disaster for the pretty little liars...
It is obvious that both of them are hiding something,
something from the past,
and most probably something about Alison's death...
Jenna is getting her sight back...
Like what Hannah said,
"Jenna is scary enough with 4 senses,
can you imagine what she'll do to us if she has 5?"
Poor liars,
its better to watch out,
coz the b*tch is back!

#2 Romantic crisis of Aria & Ezra
The thing between Aria and Ezra is getting harder and complicated...
After discovering Ezra's ex fiance,
Aria almost ended the relationship...
However they seem to make it through afterwards...
Now here comes Alison's brother,
Jason who confesses his love to Aria...
And Aria might not know,
she is falling for Jason...
On the other side,
Ezra's ex fiance, Jackie is back!
And she would do anything to get Ezra back...
What a war!

#3 What is Jason trying to hide?
The biggest question of all!
Jason is definitely hiding something in his shed,
he is being overprotective over the shed,
no one is allowed to come near to it...
Spencer saw someone in Jason's house,
and Jason denied it,
which seem to be a complete lie...
On the other hand,
Jenna and Garret are worried if Jason will say it out...
What is that?
Jason cant even remember a thing about the last summer,
could he be the one who actually killed Alison,
and just lost all the memories?

#4 Hanna is in love and the guy is HOT!
Here comes our Queen Bee Hanna,
who just found her very true love...
The guy, Caleb is SUPER HOT!
To be frank,
i thought she would end up with Lucas...
Lucky for her,
she found Caleb who loves her as much as she does...
Although its sad that Caleb is moving away from Rosewood,
to find his biological mother,
I believe they will make it through :)

#5 Emily is being manipulated by A
Emily is having her darkest period...
Her parents want to do move to Texas,
while she would do anything to stay...
As a good friend of hers,
A did her a favor by sending her parents the fake letter from college swim scout...
Emily was drugged by A,
and might be kicked out of the swimming team...
A has the power of controlling Emily,
and now Emily has no choice but to break up with Samara...
Emily is going to break down,
sooner or later,
coz A enjoys tormenting our poor Emily...

#6 Hanna is getting a new sister and she is a bitch!
After all her efforts of getting matching her dad and her mom goes in vain,
Hanna tried to accept the fact that her dad is having a new family...
She tried to please her new sister, Kate,
but it turned the other way round...
Kate hates her and even intimidated her...
i could say Kate is a natural bitch!
She set Hanna up,
and humiliated her in public...
What's worse?
Hanna is being blamed for ruining her father's wedding,
and Kate gets all the compliments!

#7 Someone found out who A is
The girls finally told someone about what they are going through,
Dr Sullivan...
The therapist has been threaten by A,
and was stalked by A...
She was in danger,
i wonder if she knew about that...
she is smart enough to find out who is A!
She asked the girls to meet her at the office,
but when they got there,
she was disappeared!
I wonder why she didn't tell the girls who is A just on the phone?

#8 A is playing bold this time!
A is getting wild!
First A killed Ian,
and she drugged Emily...
She even went to Emily's house and deleted all the data's from her computer...
The worst case is that she even touched Emily all over her body,
while Emily thought she was being massaged by a massage girl...
Isn't that creepy?
A is always that close!
now Dr Sullivan is gone,
and who knows?
Maybe A had killed her!
The girls are now being caught by the police,
thanks to A...

#9 A is not alone?
Who is A?
The same old question that has been bothered us for so long!
Have u ever thought that A might not be just a single person,
but a team?
Like... Maybe Jenna and Garret?
or the N.A.T. club,
which stands for "Nos Animadvertus Totus"...
According to Spencer's phone,
it means "We see all"...
How creepy right?
Somehow i think A must be someone unexpected,
like maybe one of the girls?
Just a wild guess with no theory....

#10 Wren is back :D
Wren is always my favourite character,
and he falls for my favourite girl, Spencer as well :)
Wren is super hot!
A good looking doctor always melts me...
And his British accent,
oh gosh!
I really hope things will go right between him and Spencer this time...
Spencer deserves more than just Toby...
No offence,
Toby is hot,
but Wren is much hotter :D

I hope i didn't blab too much,
and do watch PPL!
Its nice!
Have a good day...

P/S: Im still here Bitches. And knows everything. -A.


  1. I LOVE WREN!!!!!!!!

    1. fuck you!!!! i love him more!!!!!!!

  2. I love Wren!! I'm to Wrencer.I like them watching.!! :]