Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011

Im FINALLY back!!!
I've been gone forever,
I know right?
Don't worry,
there's no even the slightest change in me...

same old same...

I'll have to explain why I've been gone for so long...
I was busy,
busy with tests,
busy with assignments,
busy to find internship placement,
luckily found one i really like :)
i admit,
Im so not motivated to blog :(

on the last day of 2011,
i have only 2 words to say...

Money is like water that will not stop to flow...
Why am i that poor?

1) Food
I love to eat,
food is like the best medicine on earth...
When u're stressed,
when u're hurt,
when u're angry,
just eat!
It'll cure every illness...

2) Transport fees
Bad thing about living in Cyberjaya?
The transport fees is horrible...
In my case,
I almost travel every week from Cyberjaya to KL,
seem like not that far right?
Trust me,
the fees will eat you up to soul!
I have to travel alot for these past few weeks,
as I had to attend interviews that are located in KL...

3) Tuition fees
Im in debt up to my eyeball...
All the IT fees, library fees, insurance blah blah are killing me...
why cant they just sponsor me?

4) Y.E.S
Blame it on the Year End Sales,
everything is like so cheap,
that i forgot how much i've spent...
CNY would be a good excuse for this huge expense,
but still here i am,

5) Presents
I know its bad to complain about this,
but seriously,
when it comes to year end...
i think i've spent most of my money for all the birthday people yo!
my birthday is coming soon too...
Im expecting something good ya,
as Im turning 21...
I mean still forever 18 :D

6) Concerts
As you know,
I've attended 2 concerts this year...
First, Eason Chan...
Next up Jacky Cheong...
I cant say its cheap,
but I don't regret it...
Especially Jacky Cheung's concert,
it worth every penny...

7) Pavilion
I go there regularly,
which might be one of the reason that Im broke...
I was just saying...
I don't really shop at there,
so it might not affect alot....

So all I want for New Year is....

And of course all the best to my family,
my friends,
not to forget myself :)

Happy 2012 everyone!

P/S: I need money so desperately!!!

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